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Ok above is pictures of when I first met my sister Rubie, at this time she was my only sister. The one on the right is Rubie and Uncle Jr. There was much more family there but I dont have pictures of it all. But before this happened we see below a picture of my Mother and I when I ws born 1980.

Yes I know not the worlds best but as you can see I was born with a full head of hair (for those who know me they will get that joke). Now below I see how and why I get my spunk.

Yes that is my mother in bell bottoms witha pot belt buckle. Now we'll jump a few years into the future. Below is when I lived in Hawaii with my dad. In this picture we have Venus Violet Rodin (dad has a funny way with names).

Now it was a joke one night that I got in the crib with the girls (she has a twin) and pretend to go to sleep to get them to go to sleep. Bad thing is they wanted me to do this everynight. So I'd lay there till they were asleep and then left the room. But yes a 170lbs in a 24 month's old crib.. it was a site.

Now Below was shortly after the picture above when I got to see my mom after 8 years of being apart. We met on Ohau Hawaii. She came to visit a friend but told me and so I pulled a few strings got in a few fights with my dad and went to see her. She gave me some pictures because I asked her to bring some this is what she brought.

Rubie at the beach in Rosarito Mexico June of 2001

the msg written by Rubie above on the back of that picture

Above is Sarah at 7 years old

Above is Sarah at 8 years old

Above is Sarah at 9 years old

Below are pictures of Venus Violet and Cloud Nine. (again the names my dad comes up with) These are recent 2004