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      Available nude with Artists Certificate of Authenticity for $280.00, shipping included within the continental USA.
      International Airmail will be additional. Thank you!



    SOLD nude with Artists Certificate of Authenticity for $280.00 to a collector in Barcelona, Spain.

      If you'd like to be notified when new dolls become available please email me. Thanks!


      "Brush with Life"

      As an artist, I want to take my visions one step further and use fashion dolls as my canvas.
      The irony of a doll or inanimate object having a brush with life is very intriguing ... versus
      a living creature having a brush with death.
      Influenced by the great masters of fine art I hope to make my dolls appear as close to life
      as possible.
      I have always been interested in figural art, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
      In using fashion dolls all of my talents have come together in one place.
      I am pleased to offer some very cutting edge and perhaps shocking pieces in the near future.
      Stay tuned; the journey into my world of the “real” and the “imaginative” is about to begin.



© 2005, BRUSH with LIFE
Anita R. Collins