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SPECTRUM is one of the most eagerly
awaited art books every year. Applauded
by reviewers, treasured by fans of
wonderful art, appreciated as a resource
for art directors looking for new talent,
and a symbol of pride for the creative
community, Spectrum has become an
annual event.

Featured in these books are a greater
representation of international talent,
including works from Germany, England,
the Netherlands, Croatia, Canada, and
France. And naturally, Spectrum showcases
the art of a virtual who's-who of American
artists of the fantastic, including many
previously unpublished pieces.

Anita Smith - I Gild Thee

Anita Smith - About To Begin

Anita Smith - Sleep Till Dusk

A readers review taken from
This compilation of work features quite
a few of the outstanding work produced
during 1997 for various sci-fi and fantasy
work. The work is broken down into several
categories, such 'editorial', 'comics',
'dimensional', & 'unpublished'. A panel
of distinguished artists select a gold medal
and silver medal winner for each category,
though as a whole, much of the submitted
work is top rate. Though one might wish that
there were more information about the artists
themselves, the artwork is enough to keep
you looking several times over to see
the work you missed - and there is plenty
of stuff to miss with each pass. The book's
packaging and presentation is impeccable,
using high-grade glossy paper, well hued
inking, and a solid binding. This could be
a coffee table book if you wished it - that
is, if you're not busy looking through it yourself.











2005, BRUSH with LIFE - Anita R. Collins