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Designing interiors for low-income households has its own rewards and challenges.

“The Hook Up” Team pin-points a neighborhood and selects candidates as they enter or exit their building.

Our camera crew will videotape the persons space and the entire makeover process while one of our designers will create an interior space that is both unique in the details and a reflection of our candidate's vision. All is done on a small budget so that our low income viewer’s may extract techniques and idea’s from the show to make-over their own apartments.

We enjoy working closely with our candidates to better understand their specific personalities, their likes and dislikes, and their daily relationship with their home. Working as a team, we begin every project by outlining the overall project objectives, timeline and budgetary concerns.

“The Hook Up” invites you to witness the exciting transformations and see an apartment go from Blah-to-Ahhhhhh!!!

We encourage YOU to suggest a friend, family, neighbor or yourself to be “hooked up”. Email us a picture of yourself or of the perspective candidate, the house or room to be made over and the neighborhood along with a short essay of why you would like to see the place “hooked up” to There is no guarantee that we pay your area or that person a visit because the show initially focused on the greater New York area, but request have been pouring in from every US state and even from abroad. There are no limits to where we might go next …

“The Hook Up” Coming to a Hood Near You!


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