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  Iced Gano Cafe Classic Coffee
  2 packets of Gano Cafe Classic.
  Mix both packets in half a coffee cup of hot water.  
  Fill a standard drinking glass half full with ice.
  Pour mixture from cup into glass.
  Top off glass with cold water and stir.
  Add milk or sugar to taste.
  Gano Coffee Milkshake, Coffee Malt
  2 packets of your favorite Gano Coffee
  2 scoops coffee flavored ice cream.
  1 cup milk.
  2 tablespoons of malt mix. (optional)
  Whipped cream. (optional garnish) 
  Add all ingredients to blender. Blend and serve.
  Gano SOD Iced Tea.
  Fill a large jar with water using a drinking glass.
  Count the number of glasses added.
  Use one tea bag for each glass of water added.
  Close the lid, and place in the sunlight. 
  Brew in sunlight for 3-5 hours. (jar is hot!)
  Enjoy your healthy tea! 
  Advantages of Sun Tea:
  The lower brewing temperature is not as likely to
  destroy the delicate oils and flavors of your tea.