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Need a quick layout of the room and where the direction N is (north).
If possible a diagram where the front door is and other rooms in relation to this room. When was the house built or when was the last major renovation.
Is there a river, highway, large street, church, cemetary, train tracks, government buildings, swimming pool, schools, pond, hospital, nursing home near by?
Are walkway, river, street, highway, train tracks curved or straight?
Are other buildings smaller or larger, pointed roof or flat roof?

Most important are the birthdays of adults living in the house/apartment.

Please check all adjectives you feel apply to you fill in the results below. Clear and repeat for all family menbers living with you.


1 2 3 4 5
calm confident funny nurturing organized
astute provocative scattered comforting self-concerned
spiritual intense talkative involved discriminating
solitary hurried sensitive cooperative perfectionist
reflective self starter mischievous diplomatic systematic
contemplative depressive expressive deliberate bossy
secretive determined aware indecisive disciplined
philosophical persuasive charming overprotective well-mannered
introspective extreme distractive sociable precise
lucid/clear acquisitive cheerful predictable restrained
reticent assertive flamboyant supportive righteous
anonymous decisive spontaneous relaxed ritualistic
clever pushy optimistic slow analytical
private dramatic witty congenial meticulous
intellectual competitive intimate constrained dogmatic
skeptical direct unpredictable dependable reserved
willful aggressive irresponsible conforming aloof
withdrawn angry enthusiastic sympathetic pure
quiet workaholic animated easy going judge mental
patient realistic comical down to earth refined
candid pragmatic romantic dependent sarcastic
blunt argumentative quick ma/paternal courteous
mystical manipulative vulnerable social fastidious
tranquil contradictory articulate relaxed distant
profound cause activist smiling slow-moving formal
penetrating ambitious uninhibited generous rational
eccentric bold communicative harmonious neat
fearful irritable playful peaceful austere
persevering challenging spirited worried logical
resolute purposeful changeable kind impeccable
wise passionate lively absorbent immaculate
serene tough versatile consistent proper
cautious/careful demanding charismatic steady defined
reflective driven affectionate attentive honorable
creative powerful curious helpful idealistic
imaginative focused friendly agreeable critical
tenacious difficult flirtatious tactful moral
serious busy inventive pliant principled
truthful/honest impatient eager amiable elegant
watching dominant open reliable ethical
deep zealous warm considerate indifferent
enigmatic fierce alert grounded visionary
suspicious impulsive happy loyal controlled
detached practical nervous sweet humble
stoic loud naughty lenient self-contained
self-sufficient controlling extravagant ambivalent virtuous
independent heroic emotional accommodating inhibited
stubborn achiever positive concerned discreet
subtle fervent intuitive habitual gracious
flexible active magnetic connected strict
1 2 3 4 5

Please: email me these results and a drawing of the room 48 hours before the appointment! Thank you!

Breadwinner & Profile: 

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Spouse's Name & Profile: 

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Child's Name & Profile: (over age 12)

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Child's Name & Profile:(over age 12)

1 2 3 4 5
Child's Name & Profile:(over age 12)

1 2 3 4 5
Child's Name & Profile:(over age 12)

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