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 Gano Coffee Fudge
  1/2 Cup black coffee  
  8 oz. butter
  2 pounds sugar
  one cup condensed milk
  1.5 oz. chopped raisins

  Put all ingredients except raisins
  into a large saucepan, stir gently
  over low heat until sugar dissolves.
  Bring to a boil and stir occasionally,
  until a teaspoon of fudge dropped
  into a cup of cold water will form
  a soft ball. Remove from heat and
  dip base of pan into cold water for
  a few minutes to cool contents, then
  beat with a wooden spoon until the
  mixture thickens but will just pour
  from the pan. Quickly mix in the
  raisins and pour into a greased pan
  to a depth of 1.25 to 2inch. Allow
  to set and then cut into squares.

  Ingredients: Coffee, Butter, Sugar,
  Condensed Milk, Sultans Raisins
  - Makes 18


      Layered Coffee Mousse
      1 cup cold black coffee
      10oz smooth creamed cottage cheese
      1/2 cup of vanilla sugar
      1 cup whipped cream,
      3 tbs grated chocolate
      2 egg whites
      8 - 10 finger biscuits

      Blend about one third of the
      coffee with the creamed
      cottage cheese and vanilla
      sugar. Fold in whipped cream
      and about two thirds of the
      chocolate. Beat the egg
      whites until stiff and fold
      in the coffee/cream/cheese
      mixture to make a mousse.
      Pour the remaining coffee
      into a deep plate and dip
      each biscuit briefly into
      the coffee. Spoon about one
      quarter of the mousse into a
      glass serving bowl and cover
      with about half of the
      biscuits, add the remaining
      mousse and top with the rest
      of the biscuits. Sprinkle
      the top with the remaining
      chocolate, and serve at once.
      Coffee, Creamed Cottage
      Cheese, Vanilla Sugar,
      Whipping Cream, Grated
      Chocolate, Egg Whites,
      Finger Biscuits