Mike Beavers

Mike Beavers is the Lake Central starting fullback. His number one job is to lay bonecrushing blocks for running backs Dale Flickenger and Hank. He also likes bulldozing through the middle of opposing defenses, and racking up sik yards. He could be one of the kraziest people on the offensive side of the ball. This year he is armed with C-Topp wristbands and finally has his real number. Beavers is the SUPERFANS favorite player flat out. (a message from tha SUPERFANS) Also MMMMBeavers is a badass SUPERFAN during basketball and baseball. "Beavers us SUPERFANS wish you luck during your breakout season don't forget to grab your butt and keep flashing us the Mullet sign," says Caudle.

Why Beavers Is the SUPERFANS favorite player.

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