The One (2001)

Lockdown (2000)

Ides of March (2000)
  • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Gary Daniels, Michael Madsen.
  • Director: Darren Doane.
  • Synopsis: A double-dealing member of an elite group of hit men becomes the ultimate target when his organization discovers his deceit.
  • Runtime:
  • Rating:

Blink of an Eye
  • Starring: David Shark Fralick,
  • Director: Van Fischer.
  • Synopsis:
  • Runtime:
  • Rating:
  • DSF Role: He plays Tommy's abusive father.
  • Favorites: I haven't seen this one yet. It is about to be released to video.

    Desert Heat (1999)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pat Morita.
    • Director: John Gavildsen.
    • Synopsis: When a small desert town filled with eccentric citizens is terrorized by a group of thugs, drifter Jean-Claude Van Damme steps in to beat the creeps.
    • Runtime: 95 minutes
    • Rating: R
    • DSF Role: He plays Matt Hogan, the eldest of the three brothers.
    • My Favorites: Oh boy, I have lots of favorite things about this movie. Shark on a motorcycle, Shark with his shirt unbuttoned, Shark with lots of guns, Shark kicking JCVD's ass. Also, he's in this movie right up to the end. Some of my favorite DSF lines--"Come on, getcha some!" "You're pissing me off, ya mutt!" "That sounds like it should mean something to me, but it just don't."

    Chill Factor (1999)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Skeet Ulrich.
    • Director: Hugh Johnson.
    • Synopsis: If a new biological chemical weapon is exposed to temperatures over 50 degrees, it'll do something very bad. Two men (Skeet Ulrich, Cuba Gooding, Jr.) try to make sure that doesn't happen, and that it doesn't get stolen by a terrorist.
    • Runtime: 101 minutes
    • Rating: R
    • DSF Role: He is one of the bad guys. He chases after the good guys on a motorcycle and tries to kill them.
    • My Favorites: I love his blond crew cut! Also, the motorcycle stunts and the fight on top of the truck are cool.

    The Dragon Gate (1999)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Haing S. Ngor.
    • Director: Mike Marvin.
    • Synopsis: When his girlfriend is kidnapped, a sword-wielding warrior, Ken, willingly thrusts himself into an alternate dimension to rescue her.
    • Runtime: 81 minutes.
    • Rating: Not Rated.
    • DSF Role: He is credited as "Shadow Warrior".
    • My Favorites: I haven't seen this one yet.

    T-N-T (1998)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Olivier Gruner, Randy Travis.
    • Director: Bob Radler.
    • Synopsis: Olivier Gruner is a mercenary working for a government-sponsored agency known as the Organization who suspects his employers have questionable motives. After some dangerous missions, he tries to settle down but his past in covert operations just can't be erased.
    • Runtime: 86 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He plays a drunken good ol' boy in a bar who picks a fight with Gruner.
    • My Favorites: I love it when he pours his beer on Gruner's foot and when he kisses his cheek. My favorite line--"Come on back, chickenshit!"

    Dilemma (1997)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, C. Thomas Howell, Danny Trejo.
    • Director: Eric Larson.
    • Synopsis: A detective has to hunt down a death-row criminal who escapes after promising to donate rare bone marrow to a dying girl.
    • Runtime: 87 minutes.
    • Rating: Not Rated.
    • DSF Role: I think his character's name is "Eelow"--couldn't tell on the credits, the print was too tiny. Anyway, he is one of the bad guys (surprise!). There are some sex scenes that could have used him--but didn't!
    • My Favorites: I like the sliding down the bannister and Shark's butt in Levi's. My favorite DSF line: "You want some of me?" as he is being rolled down the hospital hall on a gurney.

    Executive Target (1997)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Michael Madsen.
    • Director: Joseph Merhi.
    • Synopsis: A convict is forced to help kidnap the President of the United States or his wife will be killed.
    • Runtime: 96 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He is credited as playing "Simpson". He is a police officer in this one (finally, a good guy!)
    • My Favorites: DSF in a police uniform. Also, that certain way of his of pushing up his sunglasses.

    Laws of Deception (1997)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, C. Thomas Howell, Amber Smith, Brian Austin Green.
    • Director: Joey Travolta.
    • Synopsis: A law student gets involved with a deceitful woman. She returns later in his life, and he uses her to accomplish a lifelong goal.
    • Runtime: 98 minutes.
    • Rating: NR.
    • DSF Role: He is in this movie for about 5 seconds. He is a bouncer at the door of a strip club.
    • My Favorites: Shark's backwards cap.

    The Last Days of Frankie the Fly (1997)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Dennis Hopper, Darryl Hannah, Keifer Sutherland.
    • Director: Peter Markle.
    • Synopsis: An ill-used gangster cooks up a scheme with a porno star and porno director to get even with the big boss.
    • Runtime: 95 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: Shark is a German-ish porno actor who has a hard time getting his lines right.
    • My Favorites: This is a really funny movie--I loved the thong and the tan lines. My favorite line--"You're some ass piece of baby."

    Bombshell (1996)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Frank Whaley.
    • Director: Paul Wynne.
    • Synopsis: Sci-fi techno thriller in which techies use robots to manipulate others.
    • Runtime: 95 minutes.
    • Rating: R
    • DSF Role:
    • My Favorites: I haven't seen this one yet.

    Uncle Sam (1996)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Timothy Bottoms, Isaac Hayes.
    • Director: William Lustig.
    • Synopsis: A Desert Storm chopper pilot, shot down by friendly fire and returned to his hometown, comes back to life as a patriotically-clad killer who vents his murderous wrath on flag burners, tax cheats and other "un-American" types.
    • Runtime: 90 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He plays Sam Harper, the re-animated homicidal soldier.
    • My Favorites: I liked the opening sequence where he reaches out and snaps the neck of the sergeant and then shoots the other soldier. I like the little quips Uncle Sam makes throughout the movie, too.

    The Glimmer Man (1996)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Steven Seagal, Keenen Ivory Wayans.
    • Director: John Gray.
    • Synopsis: Los Angeles cops Steven Seagal and Keenen Ivory Wayans struggle to track down a serial killer who may be connected to the Russian mob, but when Seagal's ex-wife and her new husband are the latest victims he becomes a prime suspect.
    • Runtime: 92 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He does stunts in this movie.

    Street Corner Justice (1996)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Marc Singer, Steve Railsback.
    • Director: Charles Bail.
    • Synopsis: After a detective is forced to retire, he moves to California and becomes involved in his neighborhood's struggle against drugs and gangs.
    • Runtime: 102 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He is credited as playing "Man in Motel".
    • My Favorites: I haven't seen this movie yet.

    Without Limit (1995)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Cesar Alejandro.
    • Director: Cesar Alejandro.
    • Synopsis:
    • Runtime: 92 minutes.
    • Rating:
    • DSF Role:
    • My Favorites: I can find almost no information on this film. Does anybody know anything about this movie? Please let me know.

    Assassins (1995)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas.
    • Director: Richard Donner.
    • Synopsis: World-weary hit man Sylvester Stallone is ready to retire after one last assignment, but the mission turns out to be a set-up and pits him against cocky young rival Antonio Banderas in a fight for survival.
    • Runtime: 133 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He is one of a group of Dutchmen buying some trade secrets.
    • My Favorites: I love Shark's ponytail and Dutch accent. My favorite line-"This is not my beeper!".

    Fist of the North Star (1995)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Gary Daniels, Malcom McDowell.
    • Director: Tony Randel.
    • Synopsis: Post-apocolyptic fantasy centers on the struggle between a warrior and a powerful overlord who murdered his father.
    • Runtime: 110 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: Shark plays an ex-martial arts master who is killed by the evil overlord.
    • My Favorites: The fight scene between Shark and the overlord is very nice. I also like watching him eat the jelly. The squirming death throes are also strangely alluring.

    Night Hunter (1995)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Don "The Dragon" Wilson.
    • Director: Rick Jacobson.
    • Synopsis: A man's quest to kill the last few vampires on Earth is hampered by the police, who don't realize he is killing for a good cause.
    • Runtime: 86 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He plays Ulmer, one of the last few vampires.
    • My Favorites: Well, he is just hot in this movie. I don't know what it is exactly, maybe the fangs or the leather or the blood drinking--but I really liked him in this one. My favorite DSF line--"Five, maybe eight hundred, ha ha ha!".

    Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Shannen Doherty, Judd Nelson.
    • Director: Lawrence L. Simeone.
    • Synopsis: A blindfold/handcuff rapist is on the loose, while a woman and her husband play sex games on the advice of her therapist.
    • Runtime:
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He is credited as "Drug Dealer" in this, but what I saw was more like a really tripped out, pumped up guy who was saying weird stuff; well, he did kind of offer Doherty and her husband some joints.
    • My Favorites: Well, Shark's body is my favorite thing in this movie--again!

    Future Shock (1993)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Bill Paxton, Vivian Schilling.
    • Director: Eric Parkinson.
    • Synopsis: Episodic sci-fi thriller spins three spooky tales of psychiatric patients undergoing traumatic virtual reality experiences.
    • Runtime: 93 minutes.
    • Rating: PG-13.
    • DSF Role: He is credited as "Male Dancer", but when I rented this movie, I saw no dancers, male or female. I think the tape I rented may have had some things edited out.

    Inside Edge (1993)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Michael Madsen, Richard Lynch.
    • Director: Warren Clarke.
    • Synopsis: A tough policeman begins a private war against a local crime lord.
    • Runtime: 84 minutes.
    • Rating:
    • DSF Role: He plays "Randy" in this movie.
    • My Favorites: I haven't seen this one yet.

    The Legend of Wolf Mountain (1992)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Mickey Rooney, Vivian Schilling.
    • Director: Craig Clyde.
    • Synopsis: Escaped prisoners kidnap kids who are helped by a ghostly Native American shaman.
    • Runtime: 91 minutes.
    • Rating: PG.
    • DSF Role: Shark plays Duane Bixby, a really dopey escaped prisoner.
    • My Favorites: I like the scene where John tries to jump on Duane and Duane catches him and holds him out at arm's length--"Hey, he ain't dead!"

    Dark Rider (1991)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Joe Estevez, Alicia Kowalski.
    • Director: Bob Ivy.
    • Synopsis: A small-town sheriff must protect his town from gangsters.
    • Runtime: 94 minutes.
    • Rating:
    • DSF Role: He plays "Joey", one of Estevez's henchmen.
    • My Favorites: I love the 80's clothes, Shark's beautiful hair and shaggy goatee, his little smile while he is inflicting pain on people. My favorite line--"I hate small towns, cuz I don't know anybody here".

    Project Eliminator (1991)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, David Carradine.
    • Director: H. Kaye Dyal.
    • Synopsis: A bodyguard is assigned to protect a retired weapons manufacturer and his daughter.
    • Runtime: 90 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He plays "Shark", appropriately.
    • My Favorites: I love the part where he comes in and says, "If he can't kill him, I'll kill him" and then gets thrown off the balcony. I love the sniping in the woods and the part where he gets arrested.

    Invasion Force (1990)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Richard Lynch, Renee Cline.
    • Director: David A. Prior.
    • Synopsis: A film crew shooting a movie finds itself battling against terrorists trying to take over a city.
    • Runtime: 88 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: Shark plays a stuck-up actor, "Troy".
    • My Favorites: I love the opening scene: Shark, shirtless, running through the woods, heavily laden with weapons. This could have been taken right out of one of my daydreams! His lovely chest really deserves mention. I find his nipples quite captivating. This is quite a funny movie.

    Soultaker (1990)
    • Starring: David Shark Fralick, Joe Estevez, Vivian Schilling.
    • Director: Michael Rissi.
    • Synopsis: Four teens are killed in a car accident. Two of the teens refuse to go with the "Grim Reaper", and a race between life and death ensues.
    • Runtime: 94 minutes.
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: Shark plays "Brad DeVille", a young coke dealer. He drives the car that kills everyone.
    • My Favorites: The coke snorting and whiskey drinking. This features the regular crew of Joe Estevez, Vivian Schilling, and Robert Z'dar: I feel I am getting to know these people quite well.

    The Runestone (1990)
    • Starring: Joan Severance, Peter Reigert.
    • Director: Willard Carroll.
    • Synopsis: An ancient stone is unearthed, which promptly turns an archaeologist into a monster who slaughters a lot of people.
    • Runtime:
    • Rating: R.
    • DSF Role: He does stunts in this movie.