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Family Honor

Dick Pierce (Hawkeye)

I am an amateur astronomer who lives near Troy, Ohio. I belong to the Stillwater Stargazers, a local astronomy club of about twenty members. I have been fascinated with astronomy for most of my life. My first astronomical experience was during the summer in our front yard during the late 60ís with dad's binoculars. I sat in the grass and gazed at the wondrous dark sky for hours. Dad helped me learn about a half-dozen constellations. During that time, I was a Boy Scout and earned the Astronomy Merit Badge from a local merit badge counselor in Dayton, my home town. I am now a counselor for the same. I have built several Newtonian reflector telescopes over the years. I built one for my daughter Nicole. My son has a commercial reflector he won from me in a bet. Boy, was that a bad move!! I have attended astronomy conventions such as Stellafane, Astrofest, Winter Star Party, Texas Star Party and have been to every Annual Apollo Rendezvous. One of my favorite movies is 'Contact' starring Jody Foster. Do you remember Occamís razor?