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This page is dedicated to my dear friends
Twila, Maria, Theresa and Rosemary.
All Mothers of sweet angels.
I love all of you!
Love: Marlene
August 22, 2001

By Marlene Porter

There are special angels, whose only mission is to wait.
To guide all children who've passed on, through Heaven's golden gate.
Heaven's new arrivals are met with love and you understand.
A child always enters Heaven with an angel hand in hand.

Heaven's new arrivals are met with open arms and joy.
A special angel there to greet each sweet girl and boy.
Can you imagine when they see Jesus' precious face!
As they enter into Heaven, that oh so magnificent place!

Their special angels comfort them, as the children face the pain.
Of being away from Mom and Dad and each angel does explain.
That this is home away from home and that one splendid day.
Each child will be reunited with Mom and Dad in a glorious way!

Heaven's new arrivals are never alone, there are no fears.
When their special angel hugs them and dries away their tears.
And take their little hands and lead them through the golden gate.
Where God and Jesus with all their love for each child awaits.

It's hard to let a child go, and harder yet to grieve.
But keep the faith my friends and continue to believe.
That as your child arrived in Heaven, an angel did await.
And together they entered joyfully through Heaven's pearly gate.

Heaven's New Arrivals Are

As They Enter God's Kingdom

Pixie's Place 2001

Marlene Fay Porter