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~An Eye Cry For You Page~

~By Pixie~

Dear Rosemary: I read all about your beautiful daughter Louise
and was inspired to write your angel the following poem.
God bless you and give you the strength to endure your daughter's loss.
You will see her again someday Rosemary.
I wrote this on the 23rd anniversary of my mom Christine May Porter's death.
The heartache and pain get easier but never go away.
Love: Marlene (Pixie).
~April 8, 2001~

In Memory of Louise Antoinette Torres

~June 18, 1980~November 25, 1993~

~Dear Louise~

I didn't know you sweet angel, but from what I have read.
Not enough words or thoughts about you could ever be said.
That God called you seems like such a big mistake.
But we can't say no when God comes to take.

You were good, sweet, kind and a very special friend.
Even though you knew that your life would soon end.
You brought beauty and grace to those around you.
You set a good example of what others should be like and do.

You left a mark here on earth that will never go away.
As others remember your thoughtfulness and love each day.
God took the best when His angels came for you.
You were a shining star, where on earth there are so few.

It's nice to know, Louise, that now among the angels you sing.
What joy to heaven and God you surely must bring.
You're gone but not forgotten, for in other's hearts you'll stay.
Until that precious moment, when family and friends you'll greet again someday.

Love: Marlene (Pixie) Porter

The World Was

While Louise Was Here.

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Marlene Fay Porter