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Martin Fowler Info

"Alright. My name's Martin. Live on Albert Square with my mum Pauline. She can be a total nag - she's always on my case. I can't do anything right. My older brother Mark lives across the Square. Mark reckons Mum's hard on me because I'm all she's really got left - my sister Michelle lives in America and my dad's dead. I still remember him really clearly - suppose I still miss him. He always took my side, you know what I mean?

It's different with Mum - she's pretty busy most of the time at the launderette and it seems like the only time she talks to me is to have a go. She always seems to be organising ways family get-togethers, an' all. They're a bit embarrassing, the family I've got left round here - my cousin Ian is the worst - Mr Flashy Businessman. He's so uncool. He's another one that's always having a go.

Used to sort of go out with Nicky, we used to get on okay but we fell out. She was a bit wimpier than I thought - and anyway, her mum is even more of an old nag than mine, used to try and split us up the whole time. I'm not bothered. It's a bit boring 'round here, so me and the lads try and find stuff to do - stuff my mum wouldn't like if she knew about it. But she don't, and I want to keep it that way, alright!"

* * *

Lou Beale was horrified when Pauline told her she was expecting again, fifteen years after she’d had her last child. Martin Fowler is almost the same age as his niece, Vicky. Now that his older siblings have flown the nest, its just him and his mum, and he’s always causing her grief with the things he gets up to. He’s had a couple of scrapes with the law, and had do cleaning duties at the Vic for his part in the after-hours party.

Recently things have got a bit tricky for him, since a one night stand with Sonia Jackson came back to bite him. Out of the blue she gave birth to a little girl, and the father wasn’t her current boyfriend Jamie…

Just Facts

Martin Fowler

Played by:
James Alexandrou


Arrived in Walford:

Marital Status:

Teenage sweethearts with Nicky di Marco. Now single again.

Resides at:
45 Albert Square

Favorite tipple or food:
Chips, Burgers and the odd illicit beer.

Past Secrets:
Drinking, stealing, the usual teenage things. Breaking into Mark's house to steal the Lads' things - including the videotape of Saskia's murder. Breaking into Ian's house.

Worst moments:
Ian shopping him to the police. Nicky's grandmother gatecrashing his birthday party and collapsing with a stroke.

Best moments:
A kiss with Nicky di Marco on his fourteenth birthday. Trashing Ricky and Bianca's flat when drunk - although he paid for it later!

Most likely to be seen with:
Mark, Pauline

Least likely to be seen with:
Nicky di Marco, if Rosa has her way. Matthew Rose - the two fell out when Martin tried to blackmail him.

Don't ask:
Can you get your hands on some bent gear for me? (He will!)

Will always ...:
Get into trouble. Be lippy. Cause his mum and brother grief. Frighten old ladies.

Other Information:
Martin was a surprise baby - he is Uncle to Michelle's daughter Vicky, who's practically the same age as him.