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James Alexandrou Info

Born April 12th, 1985, sixteen-year-old James has been on the soap for about three years (?). Though he also attends drama school Ana Scher Theatre every week with his twin Antoinette and co-star Natalie Cassidy, James's origional dream was not in the show biz. James had always wanted to be an Olympic swimmer, and swam on a very competitive level - that is, until he had to choose between acting and swimming.

James, unlike Natalie, had attended many auditions before he landed the role of Martin Fowler in Eastenders. In fact, when he autitioned for Eastenders, he had no clue what he was trying out for! "I just did my bit and I got it," James says. And on his last day of Primary school, he got the news!

Not only is James very cute, but in my opinion he's also quite a talented actor. We can expect to see good things from him in the future!