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Triple H

 Height: 6' 4"  Weight: 246 pounds  From: Greenwich, Conneticut  Favorite Quote: I am the Game and I am that damn good.  Finishing move: Pedigree  Career Highlights: World Wrestling Federation Champion (4); Intercontinental Champion (2); European Champion (2); King of the Ring 1997


"Connan has nothing on me!"

"Now you've done it!"

"Whatta man, Whatta man, Whatta a mighty good man!"

"The original Degenerate!"

"Give me the man, grab some oil, 'nuff said!"


"Are you in my face, AGAIN!"

"Sorry, Steph, redheads are my favorite!"

"This one's for you, Jericho!"

"Oh my God! Not Mae Young's boobs again!"

"I know Fiery Arien wants to play in my game!"

"Rock Hard and Hot!"

"Trick or Treat!"

All pictures courtesy of Hellfire's Hot Men of Wrestling and