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~*~Musashi TR's Celeb Autograph Lair~*~ *the artist formerly known as Teresa's Celeb Autograph Lair* ^_~v

"A source for autograph addresses, collecting tips, and sometimes things out of the ordinary!" ^_^;v

"MWAHAHAHAAHA! This page is being updated right now, and I'm taking over for awhile, so until then..MY PICTURE OWNS YOU ALL!!!!" HAHAHHA!


Sept 19, 2002 OMG! Well I'll try to make this short and sweet ^^; ok, stupid computer still won't listen to me. ARRRRG! >.<;;; This is sooo frustrating! I mean I finally converted the scans to jpg. And still..oh well check back soon! Told ya it be short and sweet. Yaaay! lolz

Sept 14,2002

Well, I doubt anyone's reading this right now..Anyway, grrrr ok! This image converter that I just downloaded is being evil! *fears red eyes and it turning green spinning around* >>;; And my stupid computer won't listen to me cuz I was tryin to upload the autographs! I had em saved on CD! OMG! It really sucks cuz I can't get them on here. Sorry, but it'll probably take 1 or 2 days tops to get them up on here. AHHHHH! ><;; Maybe I could still pull it off somehow by scanning the autographs again *gah what a job*! then saving them as jpg files instead of bmp format! Well stay tuned! Bummer eh?

Sept 12, 2002

Whooo hooo! It's 6:31 am in the morning baaaaby!..@_X And grr! *snarls at the sun* I am so NOT a morning person!! *evil grin* You've all been warned! ^_~ Anyway autograph stuffies! Ok, those of you who requested I look for addresses for you in the past, and I didn't yet, there's a reason for that. Seriously, I've been super stressed lately. x.x Anyway, I feel like I let you down, but don't worry I'll make it up somehow! *hey everyone has their days though right?* ^^' Guess what? *Dun Dun dun* a couple of hours you will finally get to see the first batch of autograph scans!! ^.^ YIPEEEE! Aww man, I just pulled another allnighter, I'm kinda wired..Gah! I'll just shutup now! lolz XD

Sept 9,2002

*sweatdrops* O.O OMG! Well here I am, it's almost 3 freakin am lolz I'm up typing away here, and it looks like I'm not gonna pass out anytime soon Whoo! @.@ Hope you all had an awesome summer! ^.^v First of all I've gotta say all of you guys who wrote, saying u checked out my site, thanx soo much! I totally appreciate it! ^___^ It's always nice to know, that this site helped you somehow too! As for those letters Keep em comin! Mwahahah *email fixes! Glorious email fixes!* x____X;; You guys just rock! ^.^ whooo! heheh Yeah that's true this page is being updated, and bein taken over for a short while ^_^;; by none other than that Dragonball Z/gt anime hottie Trunks! *don't ask long story* hehehe gotta love that pic though! -^_^-;; Sorry again I know I haven't updated forever, which really sucks, cuz usually I love it! x_x You all must hate little Teresa now don't you??! *crawls into a corner then curls up into a ball* ;-;! Noooooo wait don't leave meeeee *pouts with big watery eyes* I'll be back soon! ^.^;; YAY! This year I promise, But until then, please please bear with me, alright? Thankies! ^_^v;;

Even more fresh baked updates: *mmmn mmn* Ahh the wonderful smell of updates! *well you can't exactly smell them* XD Dude! I finally got a dell scanner! Go dad yeaah! *because he bought it* o____O;v lolz *dances* starting Sept 12, you will finally get to see some of my autographs on here! Plus, there will be fun polls, a celeb dream sheet, *I dunno it may sound kind of lame to some ppl, but it's about which celeb u dream of or dream to be with* or something like that ^^;; and soo much more! hehehehe Soo check that out, but until then stay tuned, and HAPPY COLLECTING! ^v^ This is your informative, friendly, and at times silly webmistress Teresa signing off! ^_^v;;

YAY! Past Updates...As of Aug ? 2001

Well okies enough of my unnecessary babbling, *shame on me* *shakes my head* :P and let's get down to the stuff that really counts shall we? ^_^

"Stuff" like this!: Whew!! New super successes! (Personal autograps) ^_^

Jason Cook-I just got super sexy Days of Our Lives hunk, Jason Cook's autograph! He seems like 1 of the nicest guys ever, don't blink or you just may miss how I snagged this success in my successes page. And where to write him! ^_^

Rachael Lillis-I wasn't prepared for trouble at all when I finally got one of my many fave pokemon characters' autograph yesterday. Another super nice person, look for this one too and where to write her as well. ^_^

Aww another sorta failure?? *boo hoo* =*(

Dwayne Johnson *The Rock* it's not a major failure, but stay tuned why this has scored the sorta failure list. *pouts*

Ok, I'm still waiting for others, Kyle Chandler's mostly *sniffle*.. um I wrote to Veronica Taylor in January this year, or December last year (Ash of pokemon) and Rica Matsumoto singer/actress (Satoshi a.k.a Ash in pocket monsters) (the original Japanese pokemon series)

-~Always, Teresa a.k.a Musashi_TR17~ ^_^

Thas riiiight! Leave your mark in this legendary 1/2 year old g-bookie! Show the world, the media even.. that you have been to my page, who knows tomorrow you just may be famous! Ya go you! *lol* j/k :P


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