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Shane Filan

Full Name: Shane Steven Filan
D.O.B.: 5th July 1979
Age: 20
Starsign: Cancer
Height: 5ft 9in - 1m 74cm
Siblings: 3 brothers( Finbar, Liam, Peter) 3 sisters (Yvonne, Denise, Mairead)
Lives: Sligo
Fave sport: Soccer/Horse riding
Fave actor: Tom Cruise
Fave actress: Catherine Zeta Jones
Fave male singer: George Michael
Fave female singer: Mariah Carey
Best movie ever: Titanic
Fave soft drink: Coca Cola
Fave cereal: Corn Flakes
Phrase that you use often: You know what I mean

*Shane is absolutely sure there is other life in space.

*If Christina Aguilera ever asked him out on a date, but she wouldn't want him to tell the other mebers, he'd absolutely go. He reckons she's hot.

*If his girlfriend came home from the barber, crying with green hair, he'd laugh his lungs out. He says: "I'm sorry, but that's funny, right?" (My comments: I'd probably do the same thing!)

*If he was a woman he'd want a date with all the WL lads:"Well, they are so cute!"

*He'd never buy a lottery ticket, he reckons it's fraud.

*Shane can't rightly remeber the first one but was kissing lots of girls in his teens- and his memory gets a little cloudy with names!