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Nicky Byrne

Full name: Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne
D.O.B.: 9th October 1978
Age: 21
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5ft 10ins
Siblings: 1 brother (Adam) and 1 sister (Gillian)
Lives: Dublin Fave sport: Soccer and snooker
Fave actor: Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt
Fave actress: Demi Moore
Fave male singer: Phil Collins
Fave female singer: Natalie Imbruglia
Fave cereal: Sugar Puffs
Fave soft drink: Pepsi
Best movie ever: Titanic, Die Hard
Phrase that you use often: Le Grá (love)
Fave cereal: Sugar Puffs
Fave soft drink: Pepsi

*The one who's most likely to slack off in the gym is Nicky. He absolutely hates it, but none of them are fitness freaks.

*Apparently Nicky makes up stories every day. On the video shoot in Mexico they were surrounded by police, who were there to protect the equipment, but he told the other guys it was because they'd been insured for a million
pounds each! And they actually believed him! (he must be a pretty good liar, don't you think?)

*He injured his elbow while he was playing football for Leeds and to this day he still has 2 metal pins in his arm!

*Nicky said that in the last couple of weeks he has a dislike to hair in bath plugholes!He can`t stand them and has to cover them up with the plug if he see`s any.

*Nicky had his first kiss when he was a wee rugrat of nine years old with his mum's friend's daughter! But then Nicky did have 'steady' girlfriends at that age- about one a month!