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Mark Feehily

Full name: Mark Michael Patrick Feehily
D.O.B.: 28th May 1980
Age: 19
Starsign: Gemini
Height: 5ft 11in - 1m 79cm
Siblings: 2 brothers (Barry and Colin) and no sisters
Lives: Sligo
Fave sport: Football/tennis
Fave actor: Eddie Murphy
Fave actress: Lisa Kudrow
Fave male singer: Michael Jackson
Fave female singer: Mariah Carey
Best movie ever: The Nutty Professor
Fave soft drink: Fanta Lemon
Fave cereal: Rice Crispies/weetabix
Phrase that you use often: Well buddie – whats the craic

*If they'd just finished a meal in a cafe and they discovered they'd all forgotten their wallets it would be Mark that suggest doing a runner!

*When Mark's late he always has poor excuses like "the lift doesn't go to the top floor!" when the others just got out at the top floor!

*Mark said he enjoys nothing more than to have a shower.If he is in a hurry he can be in and out in 2 and a half minutes but if he has all the time in the world he just likes to wash his hair over and over again as he thinks showers are so relaxing.

*Mark had his very first big kiss in a very romantic location on holiday in France while on an exchange trip. She was an Irish girl and he thought the kiss was disgusting for about two sceonds before deciding he really liked it!

*If he was a woman he'd want a date with all the WL lads:"Well, they are so cute!"

*He'd never buy a lottery ticket, he reckons it's fraud.

*Shane can't rightly remeber the first one but was kissing lots of girls in his teens- and his memory gets a little cloudy with names!