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*I would like to thank Happy Elf, from Sisters of the Golden Moon for this beautiful Welcome Globe.

Welcome to my Snow Globe site for Web TV users. I have collected these globes from all over the web. and do not claim ownership of any of them.

The reason I started this site is twofold.

1. Web TV users cannot make their own Snow Globes. You must have a computer for that. I am currently working on trying to make them, but I don't quite have it down yet.

2. Even when we find Snow Globes, we sometimes can't access them, and therefore can't use them on our pages. They are too beautiful to be robbed of the enjoyment of them simply because we don't have computers.

If anyone recognizes any of these as theirs, please let me know. I will glady give you credit for your creation. You can mail me at:

So here you go webbies---I hope you enjoy them. If you are going to use any of them please be kind, and transload.

Oh yeah---I almost forgot! Could you please sign my Guestbook?

Love and Light;


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*These pages are graphically intense, and may load slowly at times.

*I have been informed that some of my beautiful snow globes come from this site.

Thank you Catlady for allowing me to keep them on this page.

Thank you Emerald for this beautiful award.