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Mike Curtis--Actor Extraordinare

Michael Curtis
Actor Looking for Work
Hinky Dinky-grocer and service
P.O. Box 541
McCook, NE 69001
phone: (308)345-2671
cell:yeah right

Welcome. Well there isn't really much to say here except that I am an actor in need of some work. Currently I have only done local theater, but I believe in myself enough to know that I can go higher than that.

Recently I auditioned for admissions into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy(AMDA), and yes I was accepted. While it was an honor to be accepted into the school I am said to say that I had to pass up that oppurtunity (to date), because of financial problems. But that is only a little blip on the radar screen and I am now looking to move forward in life.

So I guess you are wondering, "Who is this guy and why would I even consider hiring him for my movie, or play production?" Well the reason is simple, because I am a good actor who will do his best to make his perfromances for you the best. I am an extremely hard working actor and I also work behind the scenes to make sure every performance goes well. I love acting so you would never hear me complaining about coming in every day and staying late.

Well that about sums up me as best as I can put it. Below is a list of plays I have performed in, when, and who I played.

I have also done many one acts that were alot of fun, but the best was "Sure Thing". It involved me and one other person and we were trying to fall in love, but everytime we messed it up a bell would chime and we would have to start again from an earlier point. Of course at the end we fall in love.

So there you go. If you ever need an actor that will bring alot to your film or stage please think of me. If you have questions just email me. Thank you

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