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Century21: Welcome to the Live Chat with Ringo Starr.

Century21: is proud to present our special guest, Ringo Starr, as he travels across the U.S. on his Ringo Starr and his All-Starr band Connections Tour 2000!

Century21: Welcome, Ringo!

Ringo Starr: Before we start, this is Ringo saying it has been a pleasure working with Century 21.

Viola: Did coming back to Red Rocks bring back memories from your Beatle concerts?

Ringo Starr: Yes. It stayed in my memory because it was and still is one of the most beautiful settings for a concert anywhere in the world, and also- as in 1994 - you still need oxygen to play there.

florence: I attended the concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Do you prefer to work in a club versus an amphitheater?

Ringo Starr: I'm really surprised that you saw us there on Saturday night because we played there on Thursday and Friday. To answer your question, wherever there's an audience is where I love to play. Of course, clubs do have a special atmosphere.

sallyG: What does it feel like when your tour comes to an end?

Ringo Starr: It's very, very sad. You know - you've formed a relationship with the band, people look after your every move. I always find it sad, but you know, I will be happy to get home.

sable: We love you in Pittsburgh! Will you come back?

Ringo Starr: Yes!

Celtic_Bob-guest: Did you film any shows for a future DVD release?

Ringo Starr: No, not this time.

Celtic_Bob-guest: When will your All-Starr box set see the light of day?

Ringo Starr: Your guess is as good as mine. I was expecting it out in May, but because of the incompetence of David Bishoff, we don't know when it will be out.

Mary_Ann-guest: Do you consider yourself a legend?

Ringo Starr: I think that's for other people to consider. I know Eric Carmen does - who, by the way, is sitting right here with me. If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask for Eric.

Ronnie-guest: Have you considered doing a video of your 2000 tour?

Ringo Starr: We considered it but it's not going to happen, same as DVD. No.

beatalic-guest: Besides "Rain," what is your favorite drum performance?

Ringo Starr: There are many. I only narrow it down to "Rain" because of question has always been asked. But you know, "Polythene Pam" is pretty good, too. And Eric Carmen's personal choice is "Strawberry Fields". And, of course, he can't forget "Ticket To Ride".

Celtic_Bob-guest: Do you prefer CD's or good old vinyl LP's and why?

Ringo Starr: I am a vinyl man myself, and I think that's because I feel it has a warmer atmosphere.

Celtic_Bob-guest: What is the most prized LP in your collection?

Ringo Starr: I'm thinking.... I think Tim Hardin's "If I were a Carpenter". It's one of those records I could put on anytime and get enjoyment from it. Of course, there are many more. It's a very difficult question to pick one of anything, really.

Joe24: We heard from Terry Shand at Eagle Rock that the anthology will be out in September on Eagle Records and distributed by Edel. Did you pick the songs?

Ringo Starr: Due to Terry Shand's incompetence, the record will come out when it comes out.

Shimmy-guest: Hi, Ringo. First of all, let me tell you that I really admire the close relationship you have with your fans. Few artists (almost none) do things like this. Are you planning to come to Argentina this year? When?

Ringo Starr: Dear Shimmy, we have no plans this year to come to your beautiful Argentina. Don't cry for me. But who knows in the future.

MysteryGirl: Ringo, it's great to see you again! With all of these performances, how do you keep your energy level so high?

Ringo Starr: Fresh organic vegetables and fruit, but the music keeps my energy high.

LL-guest: Sir Ringo, I know that some people have mixed feelings about unofficial this or that, and I wondered how you feel about unofficial websites dedicated to you, like, for example, and have you visited any of them?

Ringo Starr: No. I'm getting there. There are so many. With my new computer I'll be visiting every one.

beatalic-guest: Did you ever think of producing up and coming bands?

Ringo Starr: No. There's no long answer to this.

Ike-guest: As this tour draws to a close, what has been your most memorable or favorite moment on the tour?

Ringo Starr: I think always the most memorable is the reaction of the audience to myself and the band. It's a lovefest every night. So, it's pretty hard to describe how beautiful that emotion is.

LL-guest: Sir Ringo, thank you for the concert; I had a WONDERFUL time. At one time I understand that you quite enjoyed photography as a hobby. Are you still actively taking as many pictures and using the darkroom, or have you branched out into video and digital camera work? What types of pictures do you like to take - nature, animals, portrait, travel, texture/abstract art?

Ringo Starr: Yes, and all of the above. I'm really excited that I am in the digital age. I love my JVC digital camera. I like to take portraits and still-lifes.

Ike-guest: I recall that Century 21 gave you a laptop computer at the start of the tour. Have you been learning how to use it, and what do you think of the experience?

Ringo Starr: I love my Toshiba! I started playing cards (solitaire), then I found Paint Box, which kept me active for a month. Then I signed up on AOL and I send my wife (when she is not on tour with me) many, many greeting cards. Animated ones are the best!

Carol-guest: Ringo, the press that I have seen about the upcoming anthology book indicates that its 300-400 pages long. This doesn't seem like enough space for each of you to tell all of your stories. Were you able to include everything that you wanted to or is there enough material left over for an "Anthology, Volume 2"?

Ringo Starr: There will be no "Anthology, Volume 2". This is it - enjoy!

JamieSaraStarkey-guest: Will you be making any more TV appearances any time soon? Loved seeing you on Letterman and "Good Morning America"!

Ringo Starr: No, now that the tour has come to an end, we don't find it necessary to promote. So we're having a summer holiday.

Travis-guest: Ringo, have you considered making a video for one of the songs from your Christmas album, like "Little Drummer Boy"? I think it would be really cool, and places like VH1 could play it annually. Whaddya think?

Ringo Starr: I think it's a very good idea, but due to Mercury's incompetence over the Christmas period where they actually gave the Christmas album no support.... Maybe in the future; who knows?

audrey: I read you enjoy investing in the stock market. Do you have any tips you could share?

Ringo Starr: You must want to talk to Mr. Carmen, he's the tipster! Hold on one moment while I get him.

Eric Carmen: My best tip is that you have to do everything completely contrary to what your emotions tell you to do. You think you should be buying? Sell. You think you should be selling? Buy. That's the way it works.

MightyJoe: I saw you in St. Louis and you were amazing. I never realized that you played so many instruments. How many instruments do you play?

Eric Carmen: Just about anything, given about 10 minutes with it.

Diana_and_Alison-guest: Ringo, "Vertical Man" was a great album. Are you planning to record a studio album in the near future? Will you be working with Mark Hudson again?

Ringo Starr: We're hoping to record another studio album and I'm hoping Mark Hudson will be involved - and I'm hoping it will be on any label other than Mercury.

Diana_and_Alison-gue: Ringo, since you are an accomplished painter yourself, who is your favorite artist?

Ringo Starr: Rembrandt, Van Gogh.

JamieSaraStarkey-gue: What would you say is the best of your solo work?

Ringo Starr: I suppose if we rely on sales it must be the "Ringo" album.

carol: I saw you on "The Dirty Dancing Tour" singing "Almost Paradise," with Merry Clayton. How did you enjoy working with her, since she sang with Mick Jagger?

Eric Carmen: I enjoyed working with her very much. She's a wonderful singer and a very funny person.

Doris: I'm a huge Raspberries fan. Did you guys model yourselves after The Beatles?

Eric Carmen: Certainly to some extent. When we put the band together we obviously all had influences and since I was the most forceful personality in the band, some of my influences won out. It never made any sense to model yourself after anyone unsuccessful. So, taking it to the next step, the Beatles were the model.

Ringo Starr: The answer was YES.

FRED_LARK-guest: Several fans have mentioned on your site that they loved the music that accompanied the UK cartoon effort you did in the 70's, "Scouse The Mouse". Any chance these songs might someday make their way onto a special 'Ringo Rarities' set? ("Running Free" is a really nice upbeat number!)

Ringo Starr: I have no idea really. I've never thought about it.

Diane-guest: Eric and Ringo - where was your favorite place to play this tour?

Eric Carmen: There were a lot of good places. They were all interesting in one way or another.

Ringo: I know Eric liked playing Cleveland!

Ringo: I won't pick one. And you can't make me. ;-)

wayne-guest: Zak is really kickin' on tour with The Who. As he was growing up, did you help teach him the drums or is it in the Starr blood?

Ringo Starr: No, I gave Zak his one big lesson that made him the drummer he is today.

sam-guest: Will we ever see one of your best songs, "Just a Dream," released on CD?

Ringo Starr: Who knows? Probably due to my incompetence it hasn't been included yet.

ter-guest: Ringo, how do you decide which songs will be performed at the concert? Do you and the All-Starr Band make the decision on the musical selections together?

Ringo Starr: The basic formula of Ringo and the All-Starrs is to play the hits that each individual artist has had. That's the format and that's what we do. I wouldn't have Eric in the band playing some obscure record that he likes. He has to do the hits, and so do I.

Diana_and_Alison-gue: Ringo, Diana has loved you since she saw you on the Ed Sullivan show, and now her daughter Alison is an even bigger fan. How does it feel to have so many first- and second-generation fans attending your shows?

Ringo Starr: It's fabulous! It proves once again that the music goes round and round. That's the legacy.

Tim: How do you get ideas for writing songs?

Ringo Starr: From God. The atmosphere, the emotion of the day, the weather, wherever.

tinker: I think your new CD is fantastic. Will your record label promote it more?

Ringo Starr: No, they won't promote it at all because we have now parted company. Due to their incompetence, they let me go.

ImNotRingo-guest: I heard Mickey Dolenz played drums with you in L.A. Do you keep in touch with the Monkees?

Ringo Starr: I don't stay in touch with the Monkees. Mickey did get up to the House of Blues to join on the choruses of "A Little Help from My Friends". So did George Thorougood.

_stgenringofan-guest: I was at a concert in '99 and you came out for a second encore - it just filled the house with joy. Do you still do that on occasion, and if so, how do you determine if and when to re-appear?

Ringo Starr: I have no memory of a second encore. Which gig was this?

FRED_LARK-guest: Now that All-Starr Band #6 is winding down, might we see any of the following names in #7? Roger McQuinn, Ray Davies, Steve Winwood? Please don't say this will be your final tour. We know you always say you'll be retiring after a tour, but we just LUV your shows with the All-Starrs sooooooooooo much!

Ringo Starr: As you know Fred, I am retiring after this tour. That's the end of it, so Stevie, Roger and Ray will have to get their own jobs.

Irene: I read you are trained in classical music. Where did you study?

Eric Carmen: I studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I started at 2 1/2. At 15 1/2 (which coincidentally coincided with the Beatles coming to America) , that was the end of my classical aspirations.

lassiter: Who inspired you to become a musician?

Eric Carmen: Certainly the Beatles, the Byrds, The Who. At 2 1/2, I just liked it.

Standingst-guest: Ringo, how did you get the idea of 'Connections' for your tour?

Ringo Starr: It was presented to me Century 21. I might say, lovely people to work with.

winston-guest: Hi, Ringo. Your fans have really enjoyed these chats - at least, this one has. Is there any way that fans can send you mail?

Ringo Starr: Please don't send me any mail. I'm still answering fan mail from 1972.

wiz-guests: How do the All-Starrs like touring with Ringo? Did you guys enjoy the tour?

Mark Rivera: I enjoyed it more than any gig I've ever done. It gives me the opportunity to play with some of my all-time idols and the inspirations from the time I was 14 -15. The fact is that with Ringo, everybody checks their egos and we play like a band. It's a great opportunity for all of us.

Cleveland-guest: How were you approached to tour with Ringo?

Eric Carmen: Someone called me. I pursued Ringo, I bit him on the ankles, and he had to drag me for days before I let him go.

Mary-guest: How hard a decision was it to go on the tour? Would you do it again?

Eric Carmen: The only thing hard about going on this tour is that I had a daughter 4 weeks before we started the rehearsals. It was hard leaving my kids, but an easy decision being on the tour with Ringo and the guys.

Donmand-guest: Greetings, Eric Carmen. I've been a fan of yours since the Raspberries rocked the Brown County Fair in New Ulm, Minnesota in 1974. Any plans to go out on a solo tour after the All-Starr Band finishes up?

Eric Carmen: My first priority when I leave here is to go back and spend some time with my family. I am thinking about doing some solo dates, perhaps in the fall.

ShrubNeptune-guest: Hi, Ringo! Do the All-Starrs have to rehearse a great deal, or does everyone already know the songs?

Ringo Starr: I like to rehearse for 2 weeks. It makes me feel secure. But I know the likes of Eric and Jack, 2 days would be enough for them.

STEELERfanED: I really enjoy your music. Do you think you will ever play with Tom Petty again? I really enjoyed the Wilburys.

Ringo Starr: Yes, there's a possibility I might play with Tom Petty again. There is a possibility, but who knows. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Willburys. As you know, I'm not a member.

JenJen: I heard Bruce Springsteen came on stage and jammed with you. When was that and was it fun?

Ringo Starr: It was incredible! But it was in 1989.

Barbie: This is your sixth All-Starr Band, with each band being packed with amazing rockers in their own right. What do you love the most about touring with such wonderful musicians?

Ringo Starr: That they are such wonderful musicians. I love to play with good players. The All-Starrs give me that opportunity.

fab4girl-guest: Eric! How did you feel about that other person covering "All by Myself"? No one can top you!

Eric Carmen: I guess you might be referring to Celine Dion. I think she did a beautiful version. If anyone is going to sell 28 million copies of any of my songs, just feel free - especially if you've got David Foster to produce you. There have been quite a few versions of that song. Some are quite wonderful and some are quite funny. If you haven't heard The Babes in Toyland version, it's quite entertaining. But Sheryl Crow did quite a nice version and there have been quite a few others.

Century21: Looks like we are almost out of time. Are there any last thoughts you would like to leave with your fans?

Ringo Starr: I thank all of the fans who came to the shows. All of the fans that buy the records. All of the fans that think of us occasionally. So, I give you my heartfelt thanks. Goodnight. God bless.

Century21: Thank you for joining us this evening, and a special thanks to our guests, Ringo Starr and Eric Carmen.

Century21: We hope that you enjoyed chatting with them.

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