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Century21: Welcome to the Live Chat with Ringo Starr.

Century21: is proud to present our special guest,

Century21: Ringo Starr, as he travels across the U.S. on his

Century21: Ringo Starr and his All-Starr band Connections Tour 2000!

Century21: Welcome Ringo Starr

Ringo: Good to be here. I'm waiting for all your interesting questions.

sue: I read you were raised in Liverpool. What was The Dingle?

Ringo: The Dingle was an area of Liverpool, as Beverly Hills is to Los Angeles.

terrence-guest: What are your hobbies when you are not on the road?

Ringo: Painting--I love to paint. Listening to music, watching movies. And walking the dog.

cleveland: Did your Mother want you to become a musician? Was she upset when you became one?

Ringo: No, my mother was very supportive. But she did feel that it was good as a hobby, not to give up the day job for.

Jason: Over the years with the All-Starrs you've played so many different tracks. Do you have any favorites?

Ringo: I always love to play "Yellow Submarine, " "Little Help," and "Phonograph." And on this tour, we've having so much fun playing "I am the Greatest."

bird: You and Barbara have been married for 15 years. What's your success and your recommendation?

Ringo: Barbara and I have actually been married for 19 years, and we've been together for 20. It only FEELS like 15 :-) That's why it's a success.

fishnmusician: How did the All-Starr tours begin?

Ringo: They began in 1989. I thought this would be the best format for me to go on tour, and if you follow the All-Starrs at all, you'll see that we change some band members every year. It's worked for 11 years, so why would we change a winning format?

stewart: We all know Zak is a drummer; does Jason also enjoy playing in public?

Ringo: Yes.

Bob-guest: What is the status of the box set? Any set release date?

Ringo: The status of the box set is that the company it was going to be released with has moved locations, and so it got moved back to, hopefully, September of this year.

sam_o_-guest: Saw you in concert about two weeks ago at Wolftrap and loved it. With the whole band being so good, do you ever worry about getting upstaged by an All-Starr?

Ringo: Never!!!

Alison-guest: Ringo, you are so fit and handsome. How do you keep up the boundless energy you put forth in your shows night after night?

Ringo: Well, Alison, it's good living :-) Good food, exercise, and I enjoy it so much.

harmonica: I hear you like the blues. Who are your favorite artists?

Ringo: Lightning Hopkins is my all time blues hero.

Beatboy-guest: What is your favorite part about performing in front of a live audience?

Ringo: Instant reaction, and the love that goes on between the band and the audience.

Travis-guest: Ringo, I just saw your fantastic show at the House of Blues in Chicago (and I caught your towel!). It seems like the atmosphere in a venue like the House of Blues is so much more exciting and intimate than the amphitheaters. Do you have a preference on what kind of venues you play in?

Ringo: I enjoy all the venues. But the House of Blues in Chicago was a special show. The audience was just THE BEST.

mosesmosesmoses-guest: Ringo, what would you most like to be remembered as, a musician, an actor, or other (Please specify)??

Ringo: A human being. As opposed to a human doing.

HaleyLuvsPeace-guest: Ringo do you have a favorite band besides yours?

Ringo: There are many bands over the years that I loved. Mainly fronted by a lead singer, you know, the country and blues bands. Of course, rock and pop bands too.

silsol-guest: What do you believe your greatest achievement is?

Ringo: I think that's for someone else to say. I can say being born, children, music; but I think we must leave that to someone else.

Carol-guest153: In one of the last chats you mentioned some signed copies of the anthology book might be available. How can we find out about them?

Ringo: Very good question! I wish I could answer it. When it's all been arranged, I think everyone will know about it. It will be publicized.

Raspbernie-guest: Ringo, any plans to broadcast a live show or release one of the current gigs on CD?

Ringo: Mr Raspbernie, you should be talking to Eric Carmenbie... LOL No plans right now for a release of this band. So if you're reading this, there will be a CD set of an anthology of all of the bands so far.

Paula-guest: I'd just like to say thank you. I saw you and your All-Starrs in Poughkeepsie NY & enjoyed the show very much.

Ringo: Thank you Paula. Poughkeepsie was the best!

Raspbernie-guest: Ringo, I've seen the show four times already... it's incredible! Do you prefer sitting at the drum kit or fronting the band at the microphone?

Ringo: I enjoy both situations. This was the idea that I thought of in 1989, and with an All-Starr band, it gave me the opportunity to do both.

stacey: I recently read your interview in US Magazine, and was disappointed that there wasn't more information about you and the All-Starrs. Do you get tired of answering Beatles questions?

Ringo: Thank you for this question, stacey. I felt the article was really miserable myself. The interviewer, David Wilde, I felt let me down because we did talk a lot about other things, but it ended up being the same old rubbish.

sam_o_-guest: "Vertical Man" was a great album, but I did not think that "Love Me Do" was one of the strongest cuts. How did you decide to make that your only song off "Vertical" to sing in concert?

Ringo: Because it's instantly recognizable. Everybody else loved it :-)

FaninFlorida-guest: Ringo, if you aren't going to "retire" after this tour, how about a female band member on the next All-Starr Tour? What female artist would you enjoy working with?

Ringo: As usual, FaninFlorida, I am going to retire after this tour. LOL I've thought of it many times, putting a female member in the All-Starrs. In Nashville, Kim Carnes got up and sang with us, and she'd be good. There are many. Lots of very cool female artists.

FRED_LARK-guest: Is your personal record label from the early 70's; RING'O'RECORDS still in existence? And if you wanted, could it be used to independently issue new material by Richard Starkey, M.B.E. via the internet, etc!? We just need, and would LUV a new Ringo studio CD!!!

Ringo: Ring O' Records is dormant, so we won't be releasing anything on it right now. I would love to make another studio CD. I had so much fun on "Vertical Man." And let's not forget the Christmas album, called "I Want to be Santa Claus!"

brandon: You traveled the world where is your favorite place to relax?

Ringo: Fiji. Not right now, of course, because they're having a coup! LOL

shannon: You've given me the greatest pleasure to see you perform, please don't ever stop.

Ringo: Thank you shannon.

kosmo-guest: Thank you Ringo for another summer of fun and music. How do you feel about the fans who hang around the hotels asking for autographs while you are touring?

Ringo: Many days it gets in the way, especially after the show when you're sweating and tired and just want to get to your room to chill out.

kosmo-guest: Hello Ringo, thanks for taking this question. We love the clothes you are wearing on stage this year! Have you ever thought about starting a clothing line?

Ringo: I'm happy you like the clothes. And no.

Alan-guest: Ringo, How many drum kits do you own? Do you still have any of your Beatles Ludwig sets?

Ringo: I have seven drum kits. And I still own two from the '60s.

paull-guest: Ringo, how do you feel about today's kids in America and the hip hop that they like?

Ringo: It's their turn.

FRED_LARK-guest: I know you'd hate to select just one, because they're all great, but have there been one of two shows that have been more enjoyable, crowdwise, on this recent tour?

Ringo: Where are you from FRED?

SweetieStarr-guest: What normally inspires the songs you write?

Ringo: It comes out of the atmosphere of the place you're at that day, the emotions you're going through, up or down. I can't point to one thing and say "that's it!"

SweetieStarr-guest: You seem to be so happy-go-lucky all the time, which is great! How do you do it?

Ringo: I only SEEM to be happy all the time ;-) Some days I'm just lucky!

allstarringofan-guest: Your current tour is wonderful and a real milestone in your career. Fans would love to see a pro shot video made of one of the shows. Would you consider doing this for your 2000 tour?

Ringo: Yes, we are seriously considering it right now. P.S. Does anyone have any questions for Mark Rivera, who's sitting with me? (Incidentally, I'd like to thank Mark for being so supportive throughout the tours.)

socialbob: If John were alive today do you ever think the Beatles would have reunited?

Ringo: Impossible to say.

Alison-guest: Ringo, when putting together your various All-Starr tours, how are the various star musicians chosen for the band? Dave Edmunds' guitar pickin' is amazing, Jack Bruce is legendary--the bands are always so tight!

Ringo: Alison, I've answered this question many times. It starts with my phone book, to find out which artists will be free for the summer.

HaleyLuvsPeace-guest: Ringo, you have the best music ever. Never stop, the world would not be the same without you.

Ringo: Thank you HaleyLuvsPeace, so do I.

GDS1964-guest: I love the All-Starrs, but I'd also really like to see you do some live gigs with the Roundheads. All of your fans that I know would love to hear more music from your terrific catalog. There's more of us than you think! :-)

Ringo: -)

thewiz: Mark, what's it like to tour with Billy Joel and Elton John?

Mark: It's OK ;-) It's just great--it's a great tour. They happen to be two of the greatest writers of all time, and they write great songs. It's fun.

elizabeth: Everyone remembers what they were doing the night the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan, right? What were you doing?

Mark: I was at my grandmother's house, and my aunt had bought me a copy of "Meet the Beatles." I read the liner notes. I didn't know as much about them as my aunt did, but we watched the show and, if you read my bio, it says "John and Paul changed my life." (Of course, it should say "Ringo changed my life!") I remember thinking that I wanted to do what those guys were doing for the rest of my life, and now I'm doing it!

saxguy: Mark, it seems that you can play any instrument. Is that really true?

Mark: I don't play trombone or violin.

silsol-guest: Are you thinking about extending your tour outside the USA and coming to South American countries, like Argentina? There's a lot of young fans like us waiting for you. Please, give us the chance to see you once, at least.

Ringo: I believe we're in negotiations right now for South America.

OldHalfDollar: I've always admired your sense of humor. Ever thought of a TV show, or another "Saturday Night" appearance?

Ringo: Many times.

MJ1Wolf: Do you keep up with current drummers and if so, who out there is really on the cutting edge of drumming?

Ringo: I'm afraid I never kept up with drummers back when I started, and I still don't now. But everyone must know that Jim Keltner is my all-time favorite drummer. And my all-time, all-time drummer is Cozy Cole.

liz-guest: What horns did you play on "Sledge Hammer," and why was it so much fun?

Mark: I played two tenors, and a baritone. And why was it so much fun? Listen to the track! I think it was the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on.

Ringo: That's because he plays naked with the All-Starrs!

cc498: How do you cope with the pressures of touring? Do you have a set routine when out on tour?

Ringo: The routine is set for me, because of the travel arrangements and because of the gig and the venue. In between that, I try and get lots of rest, and drink lots of water, and I try to exercise and eat good food, organically grown.

Mark: I'd agree - in the little time we have, we try to remain mentally sane.

Keith: Mark, when I see you perform with either Ringo or Billy Joel, you seem to be their friends, as well as band mates.

Mark: I'm very blessed to be able to say that Ringo is a friend.

Ringo: He plays with Ringo, he works with Billy. Mark: And it is a blessing.

guest-starrstruck21-2: My friends and I have recently started up a band in which I play bass. Have you got any advice which would help us?

Ringo: Just keep playing. It's all you can do, keep playing and love your instrument. Love your band, love music. It might go somewhere, it might go nowhere, but you have to do it for love.

Ringo: This is Ringo signing off. Thanks everyone for all your interesting questions. Thanks, and I send you peace and love.

Century21: Thank you for joining us this evening, and a special thanks to our guest, Ringo Starr.

Century21: will be hosting another live chat with Ringo on Thursday, June 29 at 8:00 PM EST!

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