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Century21: Welcome to the live chat with Ringo Starr!

Century21: is proud to present our special guest,

Century21: Ringo Starr, as he travels across the U.S. on his

Century21: Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band Connections Tour 2000!

Century21: Welcome, Ringo!

Ringo: Hello!

alley20-guest: Are there going to be any extra dates added to the already scheduled tour? Do you need an extra saxophone player?

Ringo: There will be no extra dates, and the sax player we have is the best, but thanks for asking!

JamieStarkey-guest: Other than drums, what instruments can you play?

Ringo: I play some guitar and some piano. I have three guitars, one for each chord.

jwin-guest: Around the time of the "Anthology" project, you said in an interview that both "Yellow Submarine" and "Let It Be" had been restored "just like 'Star Wars'." When can we expect to see the re-release of "Let It Be"?

Ringo: I didn't say that. It must have been that 'other' Ringo.

MysteryGirl: Ringo, you've had such an amazing career. Do you see a difference between audiences in different parts of the world...the U.S.? How are they different, and do you think the fans have changed over the years?

Ringo: Good evening, MysteryGirl! No, audiences are much the same in most countries. In Japan, of course, they're much quieter. But give me an American audience anytime!

phenv-guest: Hi, Ringo. I love your All-Starr Band concerts. We've attended at least one concert every year you have toured and have always had a fabulous time. I have just one question. What do you do when you leave the stage in the middle of the show?

Ringo: I go and have an energizer juice - grapefruit, pineapple and ginger. My secret is out!

amanda16-guest: Have you thought about doing another country & western album?

Ringo: No. Though we did play Nashville two nights ago and that was really a lot of fun. Kim Carnes and Pam Tillis got up and sang with us. We had a lot of fun.

jwin-guest: Aside from the screaming, how does touring today differ from touring in the '60s?

Ringo: There's less screaming. It's fun.

phenv-guest: Hello, Ringo. I know that traveling can be hard. How do you deal with being away from home for such long periods of time?

Ringo: I hate being away from home. But I am a afraid that if I want to play, this is what we have to do. So, we just make the best of it. We do all that traveling and do what we do best - just have fun and make good music.

JamieStarkey-guest: Do you have any nicknames? (Other than Ringo, of course!)

Ringo: Love, Darling.

amanda16-guest: What is your opinion on MP3's and Napster, etc.?

Ringo: It's too big a subject for me to get involved in right now with you. But no one should rip off the artist - and that, I'm afraid, is what seems to be happening.

SILVINA-guest: What do you think about the fact that a lot of young people love your music and The Beatles? Why do you think it happens?

Ringo: I've said this time and time again, that people and new fans love the Beatles because of the music. The music holds up today and that's why every year we get new fans.

LittleOne: Are there songs you would like to include in your shows but haven't? If so, which ones and why not?

Ringo: I have changed the song list over the years, but I still have to do the classics such as "Little Help" and "Yellow Sub", "Act Naturally", "Boys", and "Photograph". Otherwise, I feel the millions of fans that come to see my show would be disappointed.

phenv-guest: Ringo, how about an autobiography on your pre- and post-Beatle career/life? We are interested in YOUR story. An autobiography would be so wonderful.

Ringo: Several years ago, I was asked to write my autobiography, but basically they only wanted the 8 years from '62 - 1970 and for me it would take 10 volumes of my life to get to 1962. No plans in the year 2000 write my autobiography. Thanks for asking.

EZGuest510: Ringo, where do you get all your energy from? I saw you in New Brunswick

Ringo: Good clean living! Lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, lots of exercise.

Jim: What album do you have the most memories about making?

Ringo: I have some memories on all albums. So, I can't answer that question in this format. It would take too long.

FRED_LARK-guest: What is your position regarding the audience taking pictures during your All-Starr show? Some venues are nice, while some act like storm troopers. But they always come back to saying it's what the band wants!

Ringo: Not true. The policy is usually made by the venue. But also, we don't want the photographers to get in the way of the show and the enjoyment of other people. Ringo and the All-Stars are out on stage to entertain with music and song. It's not a photo opportunity.

JamieStarkey-guest: You seem to dance a lot on stage. Is it because you're having lot of fun, or are you nervous?

Ringo: I'm having a lot of fun!

Penny: What advise did you give your son Zak before going on the road with The Who?

Ringo: No advise. Zak is big enough to make his own decisions. As you might well know, The Who were his favorite band growing up, so he loves playing with them.

Justin-guest: Are you ever going to grow your hair again?

Ringo: Usually, after the tour I make the decision to let it grow. And then usually six weeks later I get fed up and just cut it again. I like it short; it's easy to deal with and I'm so used to it now.

amanda16-guest: Ringo, what do you think of your loyal fans?

Ringo: I love the fans! Love, Love...LOVE! Without the fans I would be playing to myself.

Effie: Do you enjoy performing more now with the All-Starrs than you did as a Beatle?

Ringo: It's very difficult...with the Beatles it was fun and with the All-Starrs it's fun. It's different times.

JamieStarkey-guest: How did you feel when you found out Ty had named a Beanie Baby after you? (I have two of them!)

Ringo: I have six! I love the idea.

Celia-guest: Hi, Ringo. I think you are the best drummer in the world and I also think you are a fantastic singer. Do you have any other hidden talents?

Ringo: Ooohhhh...I think two is enough for one human being.

davosb-guest: Ringo, I noticed at Bluesville last night that you have a tattoo on your right arm. What is it?

Ringo: Right arm is the Christian cross leaping out of a volcano which is surrounded by lotus flowers.

Crazy: What inspired you to do "Vertical Man"?

Ringo: Insanity!

jwin-guest: Do you spend much time using the Internet outside of these chats?

Ringo: I am just starting to join the computer age. Century 21 was kind enough to give me a really cool computer for me to play with on tour. We have lots of down time and I play with the computer and learn how to use it.

FRED_LARK-guest: On the remake of "Power To The People" you did recently with Billy Preston, do you do/share vocals, or just thump the skins?

Ringo: I'm just a 'thumper' on this record.

EZGuest: Hi! This is my first chat on line, and I am thrilled to have you, Mr. Starr, answer my question! Will you be coming to Southern California on your tour?

Ringo: Yes, Anaheim, San Diego, and L.A., all between the 15th to the 25th of June. Check your local listings.

Cosmo-guest: Will there be a tour next year or the year after?

Ringo: Let me finish this one first before I make any more decisions.

Kujira-guest: I am a BIG fan of your work as The Conductor in the "Thomas the Tank Engine" series on TV. Did you enjoy that role and any plans to continue?

Ringo: I loved playing the part of Mr. Conductor. But I haven't worked on "Thomas the Tank Engine" since 1989 and I have no plans to do any more. But let's send all our blessings to Alec Baldwin.

Old_Man_Alex-guest: Hello from Russia! Ringo, have you enjoyed the concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1998? What things you remember about that journey? Will you perform in Russia in the future?

Ringo: I had a wonderful time in Russia. The people were very gracious. I did a lot of sightseeing. The audiences were fantastic, but we have no plans right now to return.

meredith-guest: Ringo, your Letterman interview was great. Do you still enjoy being in the spotlight?

Ringo: When I'm touring or promoting I'm afraid we have to stand in the spotlight so that we can be seen.

jwin-guest: What has been the most memorable moment for you so far on the current tour?

Ringo: So far it was hanging out for four hours at the Memphis airport waiting for them to fix the plane. But mainly we've had great audiences and the band is really HOT.

Hunter: What song do you love performing the most?

Ringo: I love all the songs. But, of course, we have lots of fun with "Yellow Submarine" "Little Help from My Friends".

Fannman-guest: I caught your show in St. Louis this past Sunday. Amazing! How do you pick the All-Starrs?

Ringo: St. Louis was an incredible show for me and the band. Jack Bruce, the incredible bass player and singer, has been with four All-Starr tours right now, and so has Simon Kirk. Dave Edmunds was in the 1992 All-Starrs. I'm trying to answer your question on how do I pick them.... It seems like a good idea at the time - and then, of course, I have to see if they are available. And I try to inject new people into the All-Stars - this year it's Eric Carmen.

meredith-guest: Ringo, I saw you at the Taj Mahal. They said you were there a week early. What did you do?

Ringo: We rehearsed at the Taj Mahal.

AussieCroc: In your spare time do you listen to any music? And if so, which artists?

Ringo: I just listened to the Eric Clapton/B.B. King CD about to come out. Very good. Neil Young's new CD, and my old pal Billy Preston's anthology CD. Those are the last 3 CD's I listened to.

MLR42-guest: You're a natural on talk shows & I think you would be excellent at hosting your own. Ever thought about doing that?

Ringo: I would be useless at hosting my own talk show...because I would do all the talking.

crystal_loves_ringo-: Ringo, I have seen pictures of you when you were in your twenties, and having seen you at your Riverport concert I think you are about 300 million times hotter at 60. When was the last time you saw someone pass out or sob uncontrollably when they saw you? Love you!

Ringo: I haven't noticed from the stage any passing out these days or sobbing uncontrollably. But if I do, I'll be writing to you, crystal.

SteveFromOhio-guest: Who was your greatest influence?

Ringo: As a a drummer...Kozy Cole.

AussieCroc: Ringo, although you have been performing for most of your life, do you still get nervous? What's the best ways to calm the nerves?

Ringo: I always get nervous just before I go on stage. But once I'm on and I've reached the microphone, I'm OK.

jwin-guest: To what would you credit your musical evolution over the last 10 years?

Ringo: I think my evolution started many, many years ago and still evolving musically.

star: Ring, were your parents musical? If so, did they encourage you to become who you are today?

Ringo: My parents were both very encouraging, but not musical. However, my grandparents were very musical. They also supported me.

badfinger51-guest: Can you come to Mexico with your show? (Here, we love Ringo!)

Ringo: No plans right now to come to Mexico. Gracias.

RSF-guest: What do you think about music that has destructive messages in its lyrics? What is your advice to the young people about that kind of music?

Ringo: I can only speak for myself and I truly believe that my music only ever speaks about peace and love.

MikeHSG_2: Ringo, what out of today's music do you consider to be the most enjoyable?

Ringo: I still enjoy country music, blues music, R & B, rock, pop...classical. All music.

Celia-guest: I can't wait to see you perform at The House Of Blues in L.A. Will there be any surprises?

Ringo: We have no big surprise planned. We are on tour; we do our show. And if we are having surprises, I won't be telling you about them right now.

Bursey-guest: Are there a lot of unreleased recordings of yours floating around? Maybe a future anthology?

Ringo: Of mine personally, 8 or 10 tracks unreleased. No future anthology in the works.

Sienna---: What inspires you most, Ringo?

Ringo: You do!

Sienna---: Are you doing what you wanted to do when you said as a kid, "When I grow up, I wanna be a ____ "?

Ringo: Drummer! The answer is yes!

FRED_LARK-guest: What did you and the All-Starrs think about the reaction at the May 26th show at the NORVA club in Norfolk, Va.? Can you see yourself doing more intimate club style dates with future bands (like the Roundheads...hint, hint, hint)?

Ringo: Anything is possible Fred. I enjoy playing with the Roundheads and I enjoy playing with the All-Starrs.

EZGuest357: I saw your show in Las Vegas in 1992 where Harry Nilsson made his last concert appearance ever. How did you get Harry (who was scared of the stage) to sing "Without You"? And looking back, can you tell me how special was that night for you?

Ringo: Harry Nilsson was my best friend. It was a great thrill to have him on stage with me.

Scoop-guest: When you did the Disney Channel "Going Home" special a few years back, you seemed to enjoy yourself very much. What was the most exciting part of getting to do the show?

Ringo: The most interesting part was showing my son Jason around Liverpool. Not that he hadn't been there before, but it was nice to show him areas of Liverpool that he would not normally have seen. It's always good to hang out with your son.

AussieCroc: When writing your own songs, what do you write them based on? Relationships, real-life experiences?

Ringo: Exactly!

Ringo: OK, fans, I know I said I'd be here for one hour, but 45 minutes on my day off is plenty. So, I send you all Peace and Love, and we'll all be chatting again very soon!

Century21: Sorry for the inconvenience, but Mr. Starr had a late plane arrival and his rehearsal schedule was changed. Thank you for joining us this evening, and Century21: a special thanks to our guest, Ringo Starr.

Century21: will be hosting two more live chats with Ringo this month - June 14 and June 29, both at 8PM ET!

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