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Century21: Welcome to the Live Chat with Ringo Starr.

Century21: is proud to present our special guest,

Century21: Ringo Starr, as he travels across the United States on his

Century21: Ringo Starr and his All-Starr band Connections Tour 2000!

Century21: Welcome, Ringo Starr.

Ringo: Hey, Everybody!! Welcome to our web site! What's the BIG question??

guest-Barb: Mr. Starkey, have you given any thought to having Badfinger's Joey Molland in one of your All-Starr bands?

Ringo: The short answer is no.

MysteryGirl: Your music formed and changed an entire generation. What would you like to see with this current generation of fans?

Ringo: It's really a crazy question. There's not a lot I can say. We do what we do, and they do what they do. Trying to promote (still) Peace and Love.

DreamGirl: What goes through your mind right before a concert? Has it (thoughts) changed since you started performing?

Ringo: The moments just before I go on stage, most of me wants to go home. There's five seconds of madness there and I have to run on stage. The thoughts are, "Do I remember the songs? are they good?" There are a million thoughts that go through your head in five seconds.

Badfinger-guest: Ringo, Any plans for recording an album of new material? I really liked "Time Takes Time" and "Vertical Man."

Ringo: Thank you. There are no big plans, at this moment, to make a new CD. Maybe next year.

JamieStarkey-guest: What is your favorite color?

Ringo: There are several: gold, silver, purple, and yellow. And GREEN!, and magenta.

Becky6582: Growing up and getting in music, who was your biggest influence?

Ringo: Many influences from Hank Williams to Elvis Presley.

Ludwig-guest: Will you use any sets on tour that were used with the Beatles?

Ringo: No. I'm sure you're asking about drums, and no.

Billy_C-guest: Hi, Ringo. Any chance of hearing some of your other songs on this tour, like "Don't Pass Me By" or "What Goes On?" p.s. - Many Thanks for the continuous MAGIC over all of the years.

Ringo: No, not on this tour.

texasroselinda: If you had one thing to say to the children of today's world, what would you tell them?

Ringo: Pick up an instrument, play music, love each other, and love me!

DerPicknicker: Hi, Ringo. I am a big fan, I just wanted to ask, what advice do you have of aspiring musicians?

Ringo: Keep playing. Play with your friends, play with your neighbors, and play with anyone you can.

aaJEFFaa-guest: What do you think about adding some "Vertical Man" songs to your play list on tour?

Ringo: We had the "Vertical Man" track songs, until the last couple of years, on tour. I'm not promoting that album anymore, so we've taken them off.

littlegreenbear2: Are you ever coming to San Antonio, TX?

Ringo: No, not this tour. We did San Antonio three years ago. Just haven't got the right connections.

MeMyselfandI-guest: How many songs are you playing on this tour? I saw you and the band one year; you were great! *G* And is there a new CD on the way?

Ringo: Doing 22-24 songs. And as I've said before, there is no new CD on the way.

vince-guest: Hi, Ringo. Why haven't you chosen Montreal as one of your cities for the tour? Montreal would have liked to have you and we have a very nice 'Casino', as well. Cheers!!

Ringo: I don't set the tour up, but the promoter does. We're doing Toronto this year. It's only 4,000 miles away isn't it?

Starrstruck-guest: Ringo, are you going to be anywhere near Portland, OR in your tour? I would really love to be able to see you live because you are such an awesome musician

Ringo: Well Starrstruck, for your and everybody else's information, why not click on to, and then you'll see where I am.

Fred_Lark-guest: Will the tour go beyond the July 1st date, either with dates abroad, or (HOPEFULLY!!!) a second leg in the United States of America this fall?

Ringo: No.

MeMyselfandI-guest: a two-parter: a) Who is in the All-Starr band this year? b) Will there be any signed copies of "The Beatles Anthology" book available on the net? I'd love to get one. I'm getting the book anyway, but a signed copy would be excellent! *G*

Ringo: First, Jack Bruce...why am I telling you this? Why don't you just click on to get all this information? Second, there will be signed copies of "The Beatles Anthology." I believe it's three and one-half thousand, but very expensive! You might get lucky!

Raspbernie-guest: During rehearsals, what songs have you and the All-Starr Band jammed on to loosen up that are not on the official set list?

Ringo: Very little jamming, very heavy schedules, and very heavy rehearsals.

texasroselinda: Hello. I would like to know what you think of the music of today in comparison to the 60s and 70s.

Ringo: I think all the music is great, but I relate more to the music of the 60s and 70s. There are musicians out there today. I'm not really involved in that much.

JamieStarkey-guest: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ringo: I like to do everything you like to do, Jamie.

JamieStarkey-guest: Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds of animals are they, and what are their names?

Ringo: I have five dogs and one cat. What are their names? I'm not telling you. ;-)

Ivonnemac-guest: How many languages do you speak?

Ringo: Two and a half--English, Liverpool, and French. The French is the half.

MysteryGirl: Ringo, how did you get involved with Century 21?

Ringo: I was asked to do the commercial for Connections 2000 and they loved me soooo much that they decided to sponsor the tour. And we made a very nice connection.

JamieStarkey-guest: What was your favorite Beatles album?

Ringo: Hard to nail that one down Jamie. "White Album," "Rubber Soul," "Abbey Road;" very hard.

Donna905: My son wants to know how did it feel to be the star of the movie "Help?"

Ringo: Great! If anyone has the ring, I'd like it back.

Pat-guest: Ringo, is there any chance in the future that you may possibly release a box set of rarities and unreleased songs from the course of your solo career?

Ringo: We have released already 2 CDs of the "Best of Ringo." And in June or July, we'll be releasing the "All-Starr Band Anthologies." I don't know the exact dates.

bostonbird: Tell us about your new All-Starr Band. Some of the members have toured with you before and someone to be exact - have not?

Ringo: Yes, Dave Edmunds was in the All-Starrs in 1992. Jack Bruce and Simon Kirke have been in the last three All-Starrs; this is their fourth. Mark Rivera has been in all four, and this is the first year for Eric Carmen. Those are all the members.

Brianna-guest: Hi, Ringo. How do you deal with last minute jitters before going on stage?

Ringo: I run for the mic!

MysteryGirl: This is so exciting to have you here with us today! What has kept you 'level headed' all these years? You seem to really have it together!

Ringo: I would like to think so MysteryGirl, but there have been several years where I've been 'off the wall'.

Kevin-guest: Any 'special' guests joining the All-Starr tour, opening acts, etc.?

Ringo: No opening acts, so far. We may be having special guests, but we don't know who or when.

Raspbernie-guest: Eric Carmen's voice, capable of handling soulful ballads as well as rip-roaring rockers, has often been compared to Paul McCartney's. How's the All-Starr Band faring with its newest member's solo songs?

Ringo: Great! Eric is a really fine singer and he has great songs. This is probably from Eric, isn't it? LOL

Fred_Lark-guest: I had the good fortune to meet you at the CD signing you did at Tower Records back in '98 in New York City. Any chance for other similar autograph sessions in the future?

Ringo: In the future, when we have a CD out, I'm sure there will be another signing. I hope you're there.

GOLFIN1-2000: When you were just starting out, what drummer did you look up to? For me, it was you. I'm 44 and have your style I'm told.

Ringo: Cozy Cole. Gene Krupa.

BusyBrat: On your new CD, "VHl Storytellers," does the All-Starr band perform songs with you or is this a solo effort?

Ringo: The All-Starrs are not on the "Storytellers." That was my other band called the Round Heads. Ringo and the Round Heads.

KCauliflower: Who was your role model when you were a teenager?

Ringo: I don't feel I had a role model. I think being a teenager gives you the right not to have one.

texasroselinda: What have you been doing the last five years in the way of your music?

Ringo: Get out of bed and read the papers.

Pat-guest: Ringo, is there any chance that any of your solo albums will be digitally remastered or remixed ?

Ringo: I do believe they're all on CD, now.

beatlefool-guest: How do you feel about your upcoming 60th birthday?

Ringo: Don't mention it.

dante: How do you choose your All-Starrs?

Ringo: For their musicianship and their songs.

slugger: You have had hits as a solo artist and as a Beatle. What do you think it is in your music, and the music of the Beatles, that resounds so well with the public?

Ringo: I think you must ask other people that question. I feel it's, musically, very sound, and we write songs that people can relate to.

MeChris-guest: Are you going to do any guest appearances on "The Tonight Show," or other Talk Shows?

Ringo: We're doing "Letterman" on the 19th of this month.

andrew: The last few years have seen you release several wonderful records. On every album, you have written more and more of the songs. What has inspired you to be so prolific?

Ringo: I don't know what's happening to me right now. Maybe it's because I am more relaxed.

nancy: This is your sixth All-Starr Band. Each All-Starr Band has been packed with amazing rockers in their own right. What do you love most about touring with the All-Starrs?

Ringo: Exactly!

Symmy: If you could work with anyone you haven't worked with yet, who would it be, and why?

Ringo: There's no answer to that. There are so many people I have worked with and yet to work with. I am just letting time take it's course.

Sasi: Your career has been going strong for many, many years. Do you ever plan to retire? If so, how will you spend your time?

Ringo: I retire after every tour. Guess what! Here I am again!

sarahsong: It looked like you were having fun doing your commercials. Is it fun, and will we be seeing you on any more soon?

Ringo: It is fun, and it's a short day. Pays well. And the next one you see me in will be the Century 21 Connections 2000 commercial that premiers on May 15th on the "Today Show." I know you'll all be watching!

Andy: What is the most important thing you'd like the world to remember about Ringo Starr, 100 years from now?

Ringo: He was a damn fine drummer!

Honey: If you were having dinner with the 3 people in history most important to you, who are they and why?

Ringo: Can I have 5 people? Barbara, Zak, Jason, Lee, Francesca, Jianni and Titia, and Louie.

Thruppence: Have you considered starting a publishing company?

Ringo: No.

tiger-five: There was a time when you guest-starred on the "Simpsons." Did you enjoy it?

Ringo: It was so nice meeting Homer in real life.

BlueMoon57: Hi, Ringo, very nice to meet you. What kind of music do you enjoy these days, and is your son interested in following in your footsteps?

Ringo: I like all different kinds of music--blues, rock, country, classical, etc. My children are still in school. I don't know what they want to be.

MeSue-guest: Will you ever wear your hair long again?

Ringo: No. I love it short!

guest-Sentimental: What do you remember about recording "Two Sides Of The Moon?" You and Keith sound to be having so much fun together. It's something I can always listen to to make me smile. Love Sentimentalist.

Ringo: You're absolutely right! I had a lot of fun making that record.

KCauliflower: I write for a small Junior High School Newspaper. What would you say to 13 & 14-year-old teens?

Ringo: Howdy!

bluelady: Do you really want to be Santa Claus?

Ringo: Yes!

JamieStarkey-guest: I was told you are a vegetarian? Is this true?

Ringo: Yes.

Brianna-guest: Hi Ringo, Near the end of the song, "Free as a Bird," there is the ukulele with a voice-over by John. I was wondering if it is true that this is actually a backward playback of John talking that just happens to sound like "made by John Lennon." Either way, who thought to add that part to the song?

Ringo: We all did. And it is a ukulele.

JamieStarkey-guest: What one thing would you like to get for your birthday this year?

Ringo: Don't mention it.

desireeFromFL: In comparison, are you at all disappointed with today's music compared to what you grew up with?

Ringo: No.

LoveAllMusic: What is life like for Ringo Starr when he's not on the stage performing or being a celebrity?

Ringo: I think we answered this, but it's just live my life and doing the things you do, Mr. or Mrs. LoveAllMusic.

Barb-guest: Yellow Sub and Octopus's Garden would go well together. Would you reconsider doing both?

Ringo: No. I feel one underwater song is plenty.

Starrstruck-guest: Thanks for the information on the web site. I will be sure to check it out. How do you go about getting new material for your songs?

Ringo: I write as many as I can, and I have lots of friends who write songs. It's a process of elimination. DON'T SEND ME ANY.

Fred_Lark-guest: Would you & the All-Starrs consider adding an extra special encore of "Goodnight Vienna" for your May 30th date at the Wolftrap venue, since, incidentally, it is located in Vienna, Virginia?! What could be more natural? Thanks!

Ringo: That's all good information, Fred, but no.

beatlefool-guest: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Ringo: There are too many to mention. You can't just nail it down.

KGVEGAS: Did you actually throw the football with Elvis?

Ringo: Elvis had a lot of his boys around to throw the football with, but I did see it.

guest-Barb: I love the All-Starr band with classic rockers, but have you considered doing a tour with contemporary musicians like Matthew Sweet?

Ringo: I've never thought of touring with Matthew Sweet.

Ivonnemac-guest: Are there any international musicians/songwriters that have caught your attention? If so-who?

Ringo: Lots of fine musicians and songwriters out there, too numerous to mention.

Jeff-guest: What was the first song you ever wrote?

Ringo: "Don't Pass Me By."

honey5688: What brand drum sticks do you use while on tour?

Ringo: We're using my Ringo Starr sticks.

EZGuest233: I loved your Christmas album. Will you do a follow-up one for me?

Ringo: Only for you!

dizzydezy9-guest: Planning on doing any more acting/directing in the near future?

Ringo: No.

KCauliflower: I want to become a professional singer. What steps should I take?

Ringo: One at a time.

nandout3: Sir: is your music a reflection of your life's experiences?

Ringo: Yes, most of it.

Sally_G-guest: How many times over are you a grandfather now?

Ringo: Twice.

JamieStarkey-guest: What would you say is the best song you did on "Vertical Man?"

Ringo: That album is too close, still, for me to pick what I felt was the best song. Ask me in five years.

MS-Cassie: What things do you do to stay in good health - as you seem to be - do you take herbs at all?

Ringo: Yes. I work out, and I take vitamins and herbs. And I drink lots of water.

blossom-guest: Hey, Ringo! In the 50s and 60s, who was your favorite country music singer?

Ringo: >From the 50s, Hank Williams and Jimmy Rogers, and to the 60s with Merle Haggard and Buck Owens--there are hundreds of them--Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. People should listen to Willie's early stuff. Kitty Wells. I could sit here all night.

mAx1mUs: When will we see you in films again?

Ringo: I don't believe in the near future.

gbarioni: Hi, Ringo. Thanks for all the great music through the years. I have heard that the song "Rain" was one of your favorites to drum to. Is this true?

Ringo: It's one of my all time favorite tracks, as far as a Beatle album or anybody else's. I particularly enjoy my drumming.

Vege-billy: Do you have any hobbies?

Ringo: No, not really a hobby man. I like to paint. I like to garden.

bowdenhouse: Do you have any plans for movie roles? You are an excellent actor.

Ringo: Thank you, but no.

johnny5-cent: Lady says: I've really enjoyed all your music, and I pray your success in the future keeps going strong.

Ringo: Merci beaucoup.

dizzydezy9-guest: Do you still wear all your rings?

Ringo: No.

FaninFlorida-guest: If the All-Starr Band had booked an opening act for the tour, who would it be? Are you a fan of any bands on the scene these days?

Ringo: Elvis!

MS-Cassie: What are some of the biggest lessons you have learnt about life, and would you do anything different?

Ringo: You can't do anything different. You have to live with the life you have.

auburnprincess1: I was one of those screaming fans when you first toured America. Do you find your fans calmer today, or the same?

Ringo: I find the fans a lot calmer today. If you were in the audience then, and you're in the audience now, I bet you've quieted down a lot.

EZGuest419: When you're not working, do you listen to a lot of music at home? If so, who was the last artist's work you listened to?

Ringo: I was listening at home to Moby and Nick Lowe. "Dig My Mood;" everybody should have that CD. As a rule, I play lots of blues and lots of rock.

FaninFlorida-guest: My 4-year-old daughter is a huge fan and will be in the front row in Ft. Lauderdale. Do your grandchildren think of you as the famous Ringo Starr or as grandpa?

Ringo: Grandpa! That's what I am.

Century21: Ringo, do you have any last words for your fans?

Ringo: Come to the show! It's a lot of fun and great music! Don't forget it if you're going to move homes.

Century21: Thank you for joining us this evening, and

Century21: a special thanks to our guest, Ringo Starr.

Century21: Please remember to visit

Century21: for additional information on the Ringo Starr

Century21: and his All-Starr Band Connections Tour 2000.

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