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AOL Chat 1 Ringo Starr: Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here, and with me is my good friend, Todd Rundgren.

AOLiveMC3: Welcome to AOL Live, Ringo Starr and Todd Rundgren.

Ringo Starr: Hi!

AOLiveMC3: Are you ready to start answering questions?

Todd Rundgren: Me too! We are ready!

AOLiveMC3: Here we go.

Question: Ringo: What is your all-time favorite Beatles song?

Ringo Starr: That's an interesting question. I have so many, I really don't break it down to one, but if you are forcing me to pick one, let me pick "Rain."

Question: Ringo, do you miss the times of the ‘60s at all? Or do you just go with the flow.

Ringo Starr: I have great memories of the ‘60s, but I am a man of the‘90s.

Question: Thanks to you, Paul and George for reuniting for "Free as a Bird." What was the atmosphere like on the sessions?

Ringo Starr: It was really lovely. It was interesting because we hadn't played together in such a long time.

Question: We wanted to know how Ringo liked his visit on “The Howard Stern Show.” Was he nervous about it? He was great! He is a great inspiration with his love for Barb and his quitting drinking and drugs, yayayayay!

Ringo Starr: My visit with Howard was great; he's a very charming human being. He was fine.

Question: Ringo, what do you feel was your most important accomplishment in your life?

Ringo Starr: Being born!

Question: Dear Ringo, have you ever read the online newsletter SPLHCO? It is very good, and I would love to forward them to you if you would email me! Love you, and good luck on your tours.

Ringo Starr: Never read it, don't need it!

Question: Hello, Ringo. I'm Lisa, I love you and your music. Your album “Vertical Man” is exceptional. My question to you is, would you ever consider doing movies again?

Ringo Starr: I consider doing movies many times, but I'm afraid the people who make them don't consider me.

Question: What have you found most gratifying about the success of the Beatles’ music with a whole new generation of fans, many of whom were not born when the band recorded?

Ringo Starr: That they listen to it! I think it's fabulous that generation after generation get into the music. That's the thing I am proud of.

Question: Hi Ringo, my question is about Ludwig drums. I heard they are giving out Ringo Starr replica maple Ludwig sets on "The Price Is Right" now. Did you know about that?

Ringo Starr: No, I'm afraid I won't be giving up my replica drum set for "The Price Is Right." This is news to me! It would be interesting to see what the price would be for them!

Question: Ringo, I loved your work on “Beautiful Night” -- will you and Paul co-write any other songs?

Ringo Starr: We have no plans to at the moment.

Question: Hi, Ringo. What are some things that you enjoy doing for rest and relaxation?

Ringo Starr: I enjoy painting, playing cards and having meals withfriends.

Question: Ringo, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the music scene today... in particular, bands like Metallica.

Ringo Starr: I like a lot of the music that's out today, it's just that Metallica passed me by.

Question: What are the factors that you feel led to the Beatles’breakup?

Ringo Starr: Read any newspaper or magazine from 1970 and you'll find the answers there. :)

Question: What drummer had the biggest influence on you?

Ringo Starr: Gene Krupa! I saw him in 2 movies.

Question: What do you think accounted for the explosion of creativity in London in the '60s?

Ringo Starr: Personally I feel it was because Britain had ended the National Service, so instead of going into the army it all went into The Cavern.

Question: Hi, Ringo, I want to wish you the best of luck with the All-Starr Tour. My question is, how come you have not been wearing ALL your rings lately? Love you always, Linda from New York.

Ringo Starr: Good question! Let me tell you, Linda, I'm playing so much lately I'm playing more and more and more -- if I wear the rings I get blisters on my fingers, and so I take them off now.

Question: Hi, Ringo! You've worked with many great musicians during your career, e.g. Nils Lofgren, Joe Walsh, etc. Is there anybody you would really love to work with in future? Who?

Ringo Starr: No, I have no great burning desire -- over the past 10 years, I'm playing with a lot of the people I desire to play with. Maybe Ray Charles, Al Greene and Aretha Franklin, if they aren't doing anything next summer we can pull it together.

AOLiveMC3: Wow!! That would really be cool.

Question: Do you think you will ever "retire" and if so, why?

Ringo Starr: I feel I'm always going to retire, halfway through all of my tours. Then when it's over and I have a couple of months’ holiday, I want to play again. But Barbara, my wife, and my children laugh at me now whenever I mention retirement, as they've heard it so often.

Question: Hello, Ringo -- how has your daughter been doing since her surgery in Boston?

Ringo Starr: Great, thank you! Thanks for asking, she is justfabulous.

Question: When John died, how did it affect your lifestyle, partying, relationships, etc.?

Ringo Starr: It affected my lifestyle in the way that, he wasn'tthere.

Question: Will there be any special box set or book or anything to celebrate ten years of All-Starr Bands?

Ringo Starr: Yes there will be a compilation box set of all the All-Starr Bands. Should be out around May-June. If you come to the show, you'll be able to buy your 10-year hat and T-shirt and key ring. Also to find out any information about the 10th All-Starr Tour, log onto the website to see if I'm playing in your town. With Jack Bruce, Todd Rundgren and Gary Brooker and Simon Kirke.

Question: Ringo, what keeps you motivated at this stage of yourcareer?

Ringo Starr: Blood transfusions!

Question: Is there anyway that fans can get your autograph?

Ringo Starr: With difficulty! Oh, that's enough fun.

AOLiveMC3: Wow!! Where has the time gone? We have time for one more question.

Question: How does it make you feel knowing that you are still a role model to kids and adults everywhere still to this day?

Ringo Starr: I don't really think of myself as a role model, but if I am, thinking peace and love every moment of the day like I do, then it's good. I'd like to thank everybody for sending their questions to me and I hope they had as much fun as I did! Lots of love from Ringo and Todd.

AOLiveMC3: Thank you for being our guest tonight, Ringo Starr and Todd Rundgren. Thank you, audience, for sending such great questions. Goodnight.

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