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    5/18/03: I am back! I finished the second chapter of my Shamanic Princess story, "Treasure in my Life"! Later! ^^

    3/15/03: Yay, I finished the second chapter of "Song of the Heart"! Wow, 2 chapters in 2 months for that one... I'm happie! ^,^ Voila!

    2/12/03: Hi again! Wow, I'm actuallie updatin', hehe. I hope that I don't get out of this creative spree, but... >.< Hehe, well, here's the 4th chapter of "Cinderena: A Fairy Tale of the Stars"! Enjoy! =D

    2/11/03: Hi there! I'm here to post this prologue of my Fruits Basket story that I finished some time ago, but never added to this site. -_- I hope y'all like "A Shadow's Heart"! =)

    2/9/03: Hi ya! Sorrie I have been gone in like forever! x_x Well, I'm back, and I've added the first chapter of my new Final Fantasy X fic, "Song of the Heart"! Enjoy! ^.^

    8/20/02: I posted the prologue of my Final Fantasy X fic, "Only Hope"! I hope y'all like it! ^,^

    7/19/02: I posted the first chapter of my new fic, "Treasure in My Life"! I hope you like "Emeralds of Jealousy"! ^^

    7/14/02: I added the first chapter, "Lonely Wind," of my series "Aladdin: A Fairy Tale Fantasy" starring the characters from Final Fantasy 9! Enjoy!

    5/8/02: Oh, sorrie I haven't updated in a while! I've been so busy with school and stuff that I haven't had the time! I will try my best to finish more chapters of my ongoing series! For now, here's this random quiz I took...

    You're Yuna. You're hardworking and honest, and also a little naive. You can easily be lied to, but in the end your friends will look out for you. Kind and loving you'd never hurt a fly. You'd be willing to do anything to help others, even if it means some personal sacrafices for you.
    Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take thetest.
    Yay, I got Yuna! ^.^ Well, I hope to update this page with actual fics soon!

    3/15/02: I posted the third chapter,"Bittersweet Memories," of my "Cinderena: A Fairy Tale of the Stars" fic! I hope y'all like it! ;)

    2/24/02: I added the prologue, "A Gray Hope," of my new Final Fantasy IX fanfiction, "Aladdin: A Fairy Tale Fantasy." Enjoy! ^.^

    2/4/02: I made a new layout for my webpage! I hope you like it! It's been almost a year since I first started this webpage on Valentine's Day of 2001! Enjoy! ;)

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