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Brightness & Darkness: A Yaoi, Shounen-ai, and Yuri Fanfiction Archive

                        Hi there, this is Yuna (I changed my name, hehe)! Welcome to my site, Brightness and Darkness: A Yaoi, Shounen-ai, and Yuri Fanfiction Archive. This is the home of my fanfics from various anime and video game series.

                        WARNING: The following fics contain shounen-ai and yaoi, which mean male/male love and sexual relationships , and yuri, which means female/female love and sexual relationships !! If you are at all offended by such material and/or do not like such material, please do not read this webpage! You can instead go to my non-yaoi and non-yuri fanfiction archive, Brightness & Darkness: A Fanfiction Archive

                        In a world of broken promises, stolen dreams, shattered hearts, and fallen angels, there is one thing that can give you the strength to keep on living...


                        Enter the world of Brightness and Darkness...

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