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Crossover Fics

Crossover Fanfiction

Never let the fire in your heart burn out...

    Embracing the Magic
    A Slayers/ Magic Knight Rayearth crossover unfinished

    The three Magic Knights, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu, are transported to another world- the Slayers world. Lina and the rest of the Slayers gang join forces with the Magic Knights in order to help them find a way home. However, an evil enemy of the Magic Knights has also been transported from Cephiro to the Slayers world. Will the new team be able to save themselves from this new threat? Will others from Cephiro and the Slayers world be able to help them? And, will the two groups ever learn to get along with each other?

    Prologue- Crimson Blood Lina gets a visit from a pink-haired girl... who wants to kill her.

    Chapter 1- The Fiery Warrior A dying Lina is at the pink-haired girl's mercy... will another redheaded heroine be able to save her?

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