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Brightness & Darkness: A Fanfiction Archive

                    Hi there, this is Yuna (I changed my name, hehe)! Welcome to my site, Brightness and Darkness: A Fanfiction Archive. This is the home of my fanfics from various anime and video game series.

                    In life, there is always sorrow, pain, and regret. But, in the midst of all the despair, lies one thing...


                    Enter the world of Brightness and Darkness...

                    Magic Knight Rayearth Fics
                    Shamanic Princess Fics
                    Final Fantasy 10 Fics
                    Final Fantasy 9 Fics
                    Kaikan Phrase Fics
                    Fruits Basket Fics
                    Star Ocean Fics
                    Digimon Fics
                    Slayers Fics

                    If you are open in mind, in heart, visit my other site... Brightness and Darkness: A Yaoi, Shounen-Ai, and Yuri Fanfiction Archive

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