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PinDust World of Images

About The Gallery.....

This picture gallery brings you images from the world of pinhole photography
and is dedicated to the alternate views and incredible things
that exist in light for a temporary moment.

These photographic compositions were made by A.A.Reyes I in the area of Miami, Florida, USA,
and are available for exhibition and sales worldwide
as 8"x8" Prints with matte and frame.
For more information EMAIL US

All photography and contents are Copyright (c) 2000 Atomic Warp Publishing

About the pictures.....

The pictures taken in this photo gallery were taken with a Zero2000 Pinhole Camera
on medium format, 6x6cm film . It has an fstop of about f/138.
Using the minds' eye as a viewfinder and the principles of the Divine Metering System (DMS),
this ode to the principles of science and simplicity is truly amazing.
Most casual observers disbelieve that the Zero2000 can take the incredible pictures it does,
but the proof is irrefutable. Optics and the wonders of the light
that gives earth life cannot be denied.

Using the Zero2000 is particularly liberating, considering there is no "view finder".
This allows the photographer to place the camera into situations
that a person's head could not look from.

Collection I, May 28th, 1999

These assorted shots were taken in a late afternoon in a park, and show views of the folliage.

1. This picture is taken at an upward angle, from a lower elevation
looking at the rays of light entering the canopy of leaves and branches...
18 second exposure

2.This picture was taken from a handheld position looking at sunshine coming through trees.
6 second exposure

3. This picture of a lady in a tree was taken from ground level
12 second exposure

4. This picture was taken at an upward angle, thru trees and rocks, showing light coming in...
10 second exposure

5. This picture was taken at ground level, between the
roots of a ficus tree, and shows the rays of light
22 second exposure

6. This is a handheld shot of the rear entrance of Venetian Pool in Miami, Florida
24 second exposure

7. This is a handheld profile view of the waterfall side of Venetian Pool
20 second exposure

8. This picture shows flair off a tree
10 second exposure

9. This picture is of two miniature palms swaying in the wind
22 second exposure

Collection II

as of July 16, 2000....

Pictures 11 thru 18 were taken with AGFA ASA25 Black and White film

10. Glasses reflecting palm trees on a patio table
15 second exposure

11. Boats on key largo bay
8 second exposure

12. Winding canal on Granada Blvd in Coral Gables, FLorida
10 second exposure

13. Left interior of old and new Rickenbacher Expressways
5 second exposure

14. Upward shot of Palm Tree in the wind
4 second exposure

15. Patio View in Key Largo
12 second exposure

16. The underside of a key largo bridge
8 second exposure

17. Double Exposure of rear view of Deering Estate with a bridge
24 second exposure

18. Center interior of old and new Rickenbacher Expressways
24 second exposure

19. COLOR Ocean View from lighthouse in Key Biscayne Nat'l Park
Color Ocean View, 12 second exposure,

Collection III, as of July 27, 2000

Taken on Kodak TMAX 100

20. This view follows the folliage of Peacock Park, in sunny Coconut Grove
5 minute exposure,

21. This is the eastern view off of the Miami River thru Downtown Miami, from the Miami Avenue Bridge.
30 second exposure

22. This is the western view from the above bridge
45 second exposure

23. This is the Disappearing Boat Picture.
Notice the wake of a boat that leads to a vanishing point.
Taken off the bridge from pic#12 above on Granada Blvd in Coral Gables.
15 second exposure

24. This the the view under the walkway at Peacock Park
45 second exposure

25. The camera was placed in the pit of the large rock
behind the John Deering Estate seen in pic#17 above.
8 second exposure

26. This double exposure was taken between branches of the trees at Merry Christmas Park
in Coral Gables, and many observers claim to see spirits
of the Holy Trinity: The Father,The Son, and The Holy Ghost.
15 sec first exposure, with 3 sec double exposure

27. An elevation view of banyan trees at Merry Christmas park 45 second exposure

28. For this view the camera was balanced on the rim
of an outdoor trash recepticle in Merry Chrstmas Park,
and the opposite side rim is seen in the foreground.
15 second exposure,

Collection IV, as of July 28, 2000

Taken on KODAK PORTRA100

29. This shot was taken of Collins Avenue on South Beach from a window
of a high rise building, and shows the trails of the headlights
among the light from the assorted signage.
10 minute COLOR exposure

30. This nightime moving exposure was taken northbound on Miami's northbound 836 expressway.
12 minute COLOR exposure

31. This nightime moving exposure was taken southbound on Miami's northbound 836 expressway.
12 minute COLOR exposure

32. This is a photo of water falls in a cave located at the Shops of Sunset Place, in South Miami.
10 second COLOR exposure

33. This is view of a Kurzweil Keyboard prior to a show at the Shops of Sunset Place,
stretching the proportions of the far view.
10 second COLOR exposure

34. This is a eastern view of a seawall at Key Biscayne below the lighthouse.
This view is to the left view from pic#19 above.
15 second COLOR exposure

Collection V, as of Aug 1, 2000

taken on Kodak ASA100

35. This is the view of the camera on a handrail at
Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead, Florida
8 second COLOR exposure

36. Also from Fruit and Spice Park, this upward view taken at ground level between
bamboo shoots shows the light rays that abound.
12 second COLOR exposure

37. This upward view of bamboo shots was taken with the camera pointed skyward.
12 second COLOR exposure

38. This is a ground view of water under a rock bridge
in a garden at Miami's Bayside Marketplace.
30 second COLOR exposure

39. This northern view at Bayside is over the water.
10 second COLOR exposure

40. This eastern view at Bayside shows boats in the docks with the city in the backgound.
10 second COLOR exposure

Collection VI, taken on August 2, 2000

Taken on Fuji Reala ASA100 film

41. This strange view was taken at a street corner in Miami, at the intersection of
Coral Way and 74th avenue, across from the Westchester Hospital.
After exposing for 12 seconds with a empty lane to the left,
a car pulled up in the last 3 seconds of exposure, for the reflection in the picture.
15 second COLOR exposure

42. This view of birds in a cage show the fuzz of the moving parakeets.
10 second COLOR exposure

43. This spectacular view of a cactus among a garden of plants
is also from the Fruit and Spice Park, along a handrail.
15 second COLOR exposure 11

44. This is a composed shot of a chinese ornamental egg and its company.
15 second COLOR exposure 12

45. This tree at Fruit and Spice Park was replete with fruits along the trunk of the tree.
6 second COLOR exposure

Collection VII, as of Aug 4, 2000

Taken on Kodak TMAX ASA100

Photos 46 to 52 were taken on the surface of a desk at an electronics repair center.

46. This 3-way exposure shows superimposing of lights and tools that were moved around
as the light collected in the Zero2000 pinhole Camera.
60 second B&W exposure

47. This exposure shows tools inside work glasses.
60 second B&W exposure

48. This exposure was made as #46, with the tools moved after the shutter was open.
Careful attention should be paid to fading tools in the shot.
90 second B&W exposure

49. This exposure was made from the inside view of safety glasses of tools on the desk.
90 second B&W exposure

50. This inner corner view of the desk shows faded pliers as their image collects on the film.
90 second B&W exposure

51. This exposure captures the movement of the ring of light
as it hovered of the tools on the desk.
60 second B&W exposure

52. This exposure shows many tools that fade in as light collected from their relative movement.
60 second B&W exposure

53. This exposure was made in a plastic pumpkin that had a doll in it. 20 second B&W exposure

Collection VIII, as of Aug 4, 2000

Taken on Kodak TMAX ASA100

54.Taken at Greynolds Park in North Miami, the mystique of a covered bridge is revered.
30 second COLOR exposure

55. This river view at Greynold Park winds downward and leads us far away.......
30 second COLOR exposure

56. This view is of foliage over a creek.
22 second COLOR exposure

57. This view from a rock shows the proximity of a leaf on the same rock,
with the creek in the background. 22 second COLOR exposure

58. This shot was done in gardening shop in South Miami, showing a myriad of garden supplies.
15 second COLOR exposure

Collection IX,
taken Aug 25, 2000

59. This eastern view of the 22 avenue bridge at 14th street shows the bottom of the river.
12 second B&W exposure

60. This is the western view from above location.
12 second B&W exposure

61.This was taken in the everglades, off of the Tamiami Trail near miami.
18 second B&W exposure

62.This photograph was taken inside a bird tank at a petshop.
15 second B&W exposure

63.This shot was taken inside a glassware case, looking outward.
10 minute B&W exposure

64. Similiar to #63, rearranged inside the case
20 minute B&W exposure

65.Also similiar to #63, using several flash units but no constant lighting.
10 minute B&W exposure

66.This handheld pic shows bunnies in a tank at a petshop.
12 second B&W exposure

67.This double exposure was taken first in a kiddie parks' structure,
and double exposed inside half burried trunk tires.
25 second 1st B&W exposure, 8 seconds 2nd exposure

68.Inside a boxing ring, from a bottom view.
8 second B&W exposure

Collection IX
taken Aug 28, 2000

69.This pic, taken at a friends house during gardening,
was taken from the floor on top of fallen philodendrums.
12 second COLOR exposure

70.Triple Exposure showing three views as a composite,
from our day in the garden...
8 second 1st exposure,
5 seconds 2nd exposure,
3 second exposure swept past the sun

71.Another view of the scene from #69
15 second COLOR exposure

72.A corner view of above...
18 second COLOR exposure

73. This handheld pic shows an ostrich in a yard.
12 second COLOR exposure

74. This pic was taken inside a needlebasket.
25 minutes second COLOR exposure

Well,that's all for the show for today, folks.
Please return for more new pictures soon!!


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