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Beau's 92 STS

I just bought it about a week ago and it only has 22,409 ORIGINAL Miles on it. It is a 1992 STS that I consider fully loaded with a moon/sun roof. It says it averages 15.7 mpg but that is the dealership driving.  So I will have to see later.  I haven't driven it much really because it doesn't have insurance yet, (I have to sell my 1992 Camaro RS first).  The only thing that has been done is have new pads, and rotors put on because the car was sitting so long they developed deposits.  I am still have a lot of questions about the car but I new the day I saw it I FEEL IN LOVE with it.  I can't wait till I get to take it to school. The guys and ladies will love it. :-)  I am only 16 but love the luxury and styling of a high quality car. That's why I am selling the Camaro; it's a great car to. The plans for the near future are: In-dash Emerson TV, CD changer for trunk, 2 12" JL Audio Subs, 600-1000 watt amp, new alternator, and possibly some after market speakers, ( we will see how the stock ones sound with the subs first. Well, I will keep you posted on the car; I hope it passes the test for a decent caddy :-) 

Beau Lachermeier
92 STS