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Double H's 1994 Concours

Prowling the streets of pretentious Boca Raton, Florida, is this Black/Black 1994 Cadillac Concours.  "Streets" (a name stolen from Mikey - yes - YOU Mikey) spent a mellow existence in the Great State of New Jersey as the daily driver of a sleepy old insurance man.  Bought used this past August, 2001 with over 100,000 miles - Streets has more soul than any JAP car could ever dream of.  Parking lot dings galore and exteriorly neglected.   But I could see the potential....

For one thing - the old man didn't smoke - so beneath 7 years of interior dust was no acrid nicotine residue, plus virgin ashtrays.  For another - the old guy kept up on the maintenance proper - there's a service advisor at a suburban Cadillac dealership who better have remembered this guy every one of the last 7 Christmas' given the work done on this car.   But dealer-service also means plenty of missing screws as dealers are unfortunately known for....

First - the clean-up job:  I had the Dent Doctor spend 1/2 a day on the body removing no less than 19 dings and one pseudo-dent.  These guys are really something and when you find one that has the talent - he's worth his price.  Next up was compounding to bring the finish back.   Never hit - the body was all there just the paint needed to be woken up.  The (Concours-only) skirts vanished who-knows how long ago so I had to dig up a set of those along with an MIA center cap and a replacement for a cracked quarter molding.  The skirts, grill, taillight bezels, and license plate bezel were all re-painted in the correct black and re-mounted.  At that point all emblems were removed.   It took over a month to reveal all the missing trim panel screws currently rolling around that dealer's floors, but they're all back and proper.  As for the New Jersey State Inspection sticker, I can't bring myself to remove that one integral part of this car's past so it will remain in tribute.

Next - the mods:  Catalytic converter was clogged, so it was removed and replaced with a glass-pack muffler.  My rationale is that we don't have inspection in Florida and these cars run clean anyway.  1994 was the first year that Cadillac offered the Concours and they were going for a gutsy look and performance.  Exhaust system consisted of manifolds into one pipe - back to converter and out to 2 large mufflers.  While a resonator was added "to quiet the exhaust" in 1996, this car didn't have that.  So now, with just manifolds into a glasspack and out to the 2 mufflers, the exhaust sound is gutsy but certainly not loud or obtrusive.  Further mods include K & N air filter/modified air box, plus ALL maintenance up to date and current.    Escort Passport 6800 hard-wired, bought new on eBay for $100.  New .5% tint installed, 10 times darker than the old 5% limo tint.  It took some creativity and alot of effort, but I have a car that I really appreciate, care about, and enjoy.

Once I had money and was probably as pretentious as the rest of these wannabe's here in Boca Raton.  However,  the demons of Wall Street have since taken my money away, but they left me with my soul which proves that you don't have to be rich to drive a cool car.   So now, I cut off the local self-important foreign-car driving scum while continuing to show almost ridiculous courtesy to domestic-car drivers (no matter how old their conveyance may be).  Trying to inch out into traffic Mr. 1982 Pontiac Sunfire?  Your oasis has appeared.  However - assuming your position in my right of way Mrs. cell-phone gabbing Lexus truck?  Oh ho ho, I DON'T THINK SO.

I love this car.  Maybe one of these days I'll steal the keys to some Lexum drop-top from the ambivalent valet guy, the proceeds of which will provide for a 400 horsepower Northstar build up.  We'll see....*

Always Black, Black Always,

Double H

*Only kidding of course.  I would never want to benefit from the proceeds of a JAP car.  BUY AMERICAN