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Dustin's 94 Eldorado on a Chassis Dyno


 I am going to need a new engine because i had too many miles on my Eldo when I ran it on the Dyno.  I posted this on another Site for F-Bodys that I hang out at...  The File is a Scanned copy of the Dyno Run chart. You can put that on your site.

Hey Glen,
Well, I'm not sure what you meant by the SAE being converted to STD.... But i converted all the SAE to Crank-HP/Torque specs using both 25% and 30% drive train losses but here are what the Dyno Revealed:

Max Power= 211.9 HP SAE as of 5/31/01
Max Power= Added 25% loss= 282.53 HP
Max Power= Added 30% loss= 302.71 HP

Max Torque= 243.0 SAE ft-lbs as of 5/31/01
Max Torque= Added 25% loss= 324 ft-lbs
Max Torque= Added 30% loss= 347.14 ft-lbs

     Hmm... Just wondering how much I'm losing through the drive train. Not bad power for a car that was rated for AT Crank HP/Torque of 270hp and 295ft-lbs. Keep in mind this car is 7 years old, has 122K on the clock. My chip, says i need to run at least 92 but i neglected to get 92+ octane, Brian said that if the weather was better he could have maybe pulled a few more numbers from my car.  I had never seen a dyno run up close, it was pretty exciting.. i was just praying that since my car had so many miles it wouldn't come apart.. but heck he never even got to my red line.. he shut off at 148MPH which came out to be 6200rpm. No one down their said they had ever seen a Caddy so they were all pretty interested. Brian was nice enough to correspond the specs of a 95 5.0 Mustang GT that had about 35K on it and ran them against my Specs and low and behold the Caddy came out on top ... hehehe.  Glen if I screwed up my numbers converting them to flywheel specs.. could u help convert or just give advice. 

thanks man.

94 Eldorado. 122K on old engine.
It has K&n cone filter in place of the stock air box up front, SuperChip, Accel Coil(s), MagnaCor wires, splitfire plugs, and Dual 40 Series Delta-Flow Flowmasters in the back.

If you need anything just E-mail, and i will give u specs.


Note: dyno readings in third gear (1:1). Final drive 3.11:1.



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