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Autopsy Report

**Warning** At the end of this page there is a link to a picture of Marilyn, after the autopsy. It is up to you if you want to see this picture.

At 10:30 Am The Autopsy began. Dr. Thomas Noguchi was joined by John Miner a deputy district attorney specializing in medical and psychiatric law. Also attending the autopsy was Dr. Theodore Curphey.

Noguchi and miner has studied the police report indicating that Monroe had die in a locked room, And that her doctors believed she died of ingestion of an overdose. They also had studied the pill bottles gathered, Dr. Engelberg had told the police he had given Monroe a refill prescription for “fifty” capsules of Nembutal. On Friday, August 3. Records at the Saint Vincent Pharmacy indicate that the prescription was filled the day before she died. The Nembutal Prescription was for 25 capsules, not 50 like Dr. Engelberg had stated.

The autopsy diagram clearly has the notation “No needle marks”

However there are serious questions concerning the findings. It is a matter of record, according to a bill submitted to the Monroe estate, from Dr. Engelberg *That Engelberg gave her an injection on August 3. The injection was approximately 4 P. M on Friday. How come this needle mark didn't show?

Noguchi states the question: “ were the drugs that killed her injected into her body by someone else?

He states how difficult recent needle marks are to detect. Also another matter for concern in the external examination is the question of “Lividity” or “livor mortis”( blood pools in the lowest level of the body in the hours of death, producing purplish blotches. ) In the report the examiner mentions two such areas, first the face, neck, arms, and chest and abdomen; second, “ a faint lividity which disappears upon pressure is noted in the back and posterior aspect of the arms and legs,” The forensic significance for all of this is that when a body is moved during the ”livor mortis process” which usually extends to 4 hours, this dual lividity areas are know to occur (purplish blotches). so for example if a body lies for 3 hours dead and then is moved to another position , a second lividity will take place.

Also without explanation , Noguchis External Examination points out two fresh bruises on Marilyn's body:” A slight ecchymotic area is noted in the left hip and left side of the lower back.” However according to Gradison, more bruises were found on Marilyn's body.

“When a body is brought into the morgue, it is immediately inspected by a medical assistant. At this time all scars, bruises, cuts, or other trauma are indicated on a special initial examination form. This form becomes part of the official file and is completed before the beginning of the autopsy,”

Gradison saw this form on the morning of August 5, and he said it included the hip bruises indicated in the autopsy report but also revealed additional bruises on Monroe's and the back of her legs. According to Gradison,

“This initial examination form was part of a file that disappeared as the case began."

“That bruise ,” Dr. Noguchi said . ” has never been fully explained.” When reporters asked what may have caused the bruises, Noguchi replied, “ there are no explanation for that bruise. It is a sign of Violence,”

After completing the external examination, Noguchi proceeded with the internal examination. Noguchi then opened the stomach, to their surprise there was no signs of the Nembutal tablets, there was a small quantity of liquid in the stomach, but they did not find anything indicating of heavy drugs or sedatives.

Also Nembutals Street name is “yellow jackets” this is because when swallowed it leaves a yellow dye in the digestive tract- no dye like this was found, so how did she swallow 40 or more capsules, and they still couldn't find any traces in her stomach or her digestive track?

Dr. Noguchi concluded his examination by tacking samples of the brain, blood, urine, and internal organs and sending them for further toxicology study.

Marilyn After Autopsy Photo