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Ambulance Report

On The evening of August 4, 1962, James Hall and his partner, Murray Liebowitz, were returning to the UCLA Medical Center When they received an emergency call to 12305 fifth Helena Drive. Hall recalled, “ we were real close practically right around the corner. We were at her within two minutes.”

When they arrived a hysterical woman led them to a small guest cottage, separate from the main house, Were they found Marilyn Monroe lying nude face up on the bed. Her respiration and heart beat were slight; her pulse was weak and rapid.

Because CPR requires strong back support, Hall and Liebowitz moved Monroe from the bed to the floor of an adjoining foyer and, placing an airway tube to facilitate breathing, they began resuscitation.

Hall recalled, “ the Hysterical woman was giving us trouble. She was trying to climb over us to get to Miss Monroe while I was working on her. She was Screaming She's Dead! She's Dead! Over and over again…. She was hampering what we were doing, but I don't think even a slap on her face would have calm her down-she was that crazy.”

“Soon I was getting a perfect exchange of air from Miss Monroe,” “ Her color was starting to come back. I felt she was doing well enough that we could safely take her to the Hospital. I said to Murray “get the gurney.” At that moment a man carrying a doctor's bag entered the guest cottage and said, “ I'm her doctor. Give her positive pressure.” Hall was surprise by the doctors decision, because the resuscitator was doing its job. “ But you never argue with a doctor at the scene of an emergency –never.” You'd lose your job.” Hall said. “So I took the resuscitator off” and began to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation while the doctor gave her CPR.” As Her vital signs deteriorated, the doctor opened his bag and pulled out a syringe with a heart needle affixed to it. He filled the syringe from a pharmaceutical bottle of adrenaline. The doctor then attempted to inject the stimulant into her heart in an attempt to revive her. “ he did it at an incorrect angle,” according to Hall, “ the needle hit a rib. Instead of backing it out. He just leaned on it.” Hall stated that he believed Marilyn Monroe Expired at that moment,”

Placing the stethoscope on her chest, the doctor couldn't find a heart beat, and according to Hall, he said “You can leave, I'm going to pronounce her dead.” While James Hall was writing his report a man in a jumpsuit was trying to calm down the Hysterical woman, who was repeatedly sobbing, “ She's dead! She’s dead!” Hall notice that a police officer arrived and spoke to the man in the Jumpsuit. Hall later identified the hysterical woman as "PAT NEWCOMB” The man in the jumpsuit as “PETER LAWFORD” The doctor as “RALPH GREENSON” and the police officer as sergeant Marvin Iannone.

{In 1992 James Hall underwent a series of polygraph test conducted by Don Fraser of Arcadia, california, a state-Lincensed polygraph examiner who majorerd in police science at the University of South California.}

Fraser states: " There's no question that James Hall is telling the truth. His story regarding the scene and circumstances of Miss Monroe's death is absolutely true. He passed every question in several exhaustive polygraph examinations."