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Wack Wecuds Applicashun Form

Iz Heyerin Rappas.....Peep dis applicayshun fo da job!

What's your Name or a Nickname:

What's your E-Mail:

About You

What coast are you from?

What gang are you in?

How many suckas have you capped?

How many articles of jewelry are you currently wearing?

Which leg do you limp on?

Which method of kickin' it do you prefer?

What is the length of your hair?

How protuding is your forehead?

On the average, how many words do you make up in a week?

How many inches does the crotch of your pants hang down from your body?

How much did you pay for your shoes?

How much higher do you think these shoes make you jump?

What do you call your mother?

If joints were cigarettes, how many packs would you smoke a day?

How many years separate you and your girlfriend/boyfriend?

List all of the basketball players that you have life-sized cardboard cutouts of

Write a short essay about what you would do if someone called yo mama a hoochie

About Your Car

Which one of these describes your car?

What color neon is on the bottom of your car?

In what direction do the lights travel around your license plate?

What color is your shag carpeted interior?

How many inches are your axles extended on each side?

What is your car's maximum speed?

At what distance does your stereo finally stop shaking houses?

How many Nike stickers are on your car?

Similarly, how many No Fear stickers are on your car?

How many stickers of Calivin peeing are on your car?

How many inches can your hydrolics throw your car into the air?