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buildings of a tyler

Associabilitys Intertwinings

the associable subject draws flesh together
forming within matter to multiply itself as a reflection
of the joining of forms within greater forms
flesh making flesh into its own image
drawing like being to it to fufill the formation
the stars are connected by associable thought
the source of awareness it own ends
light of mind returns to the womb of light
as does the flesh to the womb of darkness
the sun is heaven and hell in being immediate
interactions of energys unburdened by flesh
with the flesh reforming into smaller being
themselves retroactive upon the sun
and inhaled and infused the life begins anew
consuming the new flesh a pure form
but the retention of older lies in decay
so life is always ingested no matter the form
to become the associable fleshs reformations


How many years have I fallen
From grace or the consignments of time
How many years have I yearned
for your hands and eyes and peace of mind
I thirst for your presence
to sip of the sweetness of your soul
I crave the divine within you
Purity of beauty defined by integrity of morality
as you grow to love the world I grow to love you
as i desire one mind you write the songs truth
I hope and dream for the day we are together
singing sonnets in moonlight guise
with flowing robes and flowering dreams
sprinkled like glittering stardust upon the microcosmos of our lives
the grains of truth spread out for all to taste and feel
the miniscule mentality not far from individuality
both stones in the pathways of nations
thought upon thoughts interconnection
as rivulets of light reflect off of each facet of humanity
such is interactions benefit
and darkness of ignorance defined
you shine brighter than any star I know

Night falling down in sheets of sorrow
this sojourn into dreams a symphony of minscule impact
all focused in a mass expression of will
each voice is one in singularity,duality,and unity
touching upon consiousness in a million aspects
all merged into singular perception
water broken in space defined
seperate most of a deluge
though consistency is the true border determinate
perception of the word is dependant of inividual expression
so it is with the rain
explaining all in singular subjection
yet with the duality that gives each drop harmonic differentiation
so a new voice
all speaking as one in the spansive veiwpoint
the fullness of unity

the caress of matronic instinct
is a perception first impressed
as such, a subject of primal being
and before even this caring was a cause for oneself in differentiations
such is the matrons cause
giving breath and caress in distress
life shared in prioximity
as is energy and thus instinctual impressions based\ upon long term learned ambition
what you first see is what you first are
all else builds from there
and the energys of caring
ever transferring to surrounding subject of affection
as are those of callous lifestyle
death brings death
such is primal rage
the fear of starvation death territorys inspiration
infringement at threat to survival as in certainty as direct attack
so all clash in territorial dispute
for the death of a terrain is the death of inhabiting pedials
what war is amongst plant
all serve purpose in invigoration of enviroment
even in exchanged nutrient
yet none kill in defense unless killing is for ingesting

the cages of life are never in natural orgin
slavery is a concept born of invention
What invention is beneficial to very living being
it is all using
comforts hoard is the cause of invention
thus a product of greed
no invention exists without slavery on some level
the flesh of plant animal or earth
all manipulated for the greed that is the comfort extremity
certainly comfort in doled out in the name of equality
yet if it were truly of equality, would it not be equality for all
every man beast bird and tree
each entitled to an equal place in life and comfort end

Unity Defined in broken phrase
Un the absence I the self Ty the roof
or heaven, cloud # 9 Baby
so all as one under the heavens(or as) is unity
Singular thought is a break of unity
yet some consider this humanity with pride
saying its better , blind or uncaring to suffering inflicted
by the great hand of humanity
its all in the personal struggle to do whats right
how else can you live
as one perhaps
knowing that all is self is awareness of personal pain upon every fibre of being
one part suffers every part knows
whats so terrible about this
you have to face up to your pain sometime
why not as it is so as to immediately stop all the pain
giving all that is neccesary for the stopping point
once again this is for every aspect of life
in every frame of perception miniscule or majiscule

A lasting longing
Upon the winds of seas
distant and forlorne
a cold missive beckons

this ancient lady
taking sailors to her breast
briny and resclusive
the sailors lover far from shore
with a pout salty
curled upon the crest
of so many mens fascinations

for love of money
and children afar
intrepidity calls
pulling so far from shore

to battle with passions
unsseming in the eyes
with lifes distant memorys
tied up upon the rigging
captured in the netting
of the oceans pillagings

Take from the lady
and she will be a kind mistress
when you know her modesty

cross her with times extensions however
and prepare to become
a treasure within her womb
a coral addition to her tounge

Tyler Joseph cusick
copyright builderofty 1999

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