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Ex-Temptation Sings A Sour Note

Detroit Free Press
Saturday, July 4, l992

The memory of the late Motown star David Ruffin is treated kindly in a new TV special, "The original Temptations: The Ruffin, Kendrick, & Edwards Story," to air later this month. But segments of the show touch on a bit of Temptations turmoil. Dennis Edwards, who replaced Ruffin in the group, kicks up some dander when he remembers the rendition of "My Girl" sung en masse by The Temptations at Ruffin's funeral last year. "I'm not knocking the other group of Temptations...I love them, but the last three or four years, David Ruffin was working with Eddie Kendricks and me," Edwards says. "We went through the pain with David. We went through his ups and downs. They didn't go through any of that. In fact, when you get out of their group, they don't even call anybody. When I looked up on the stage, and they orchestrated this thing to sing 'My Girl'--I never liked to sing 'My Girl' because that is David Ruffin's song--I just could not let them take that whole stage like they loved him so much. (So) I sung some myself because I said, 'You guys never loved him like I loved him.'"