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Dennis Edwards Loses Court Battle

Jet Magazine
January 18, 1999

Singer Dennis Edwards, a former member of the legandary group, The Temptations, has been permantly barred by a federal judge from performing under the group's name.

Edwards also was ordered to pay $50,000. to Temptations leader Otis Williams and the estate of the late Temptations member Melvin Franklin.

The court also prohibits Edwards from using such names as "The New Temptations", "The Knew Temptations", and "Dennis Edwards, Lead Singer for the Legendary Temptations".

The court order permits Edwards to describe his group as "Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review", or "The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards."

The suit was filed by Williams, an original member of The Temptations.

The name, "The Temptations" is a registered trademark owned by Williams and the estate of Melvin Franklin.