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CFS Recovery Stories - Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Welcome to the CFS Recovery Stories Page! I have spent the past few years gathering as many stories I can find from people who have recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I hope this page will help other CFS sufferers to remember that many people do heal from this illness. Recovery is a possibiltiy for each one of us.

My page is not meant to be a resource for finding CFS therapies that might work for you, although you may find something here that helps. Rather it is meant to be a collection of the stories of individual sufferers and how they managed to overcome the illness. The focus of this page is the struggle that we all share to become healthy again, and how some people have experienced varying degrees of success in doing that. Not everyone here is completely well, and some people write about experiences of remission rather than true recovery, but I hope this page will inspire your mind and spirit so that you can more easily envision your own return to wellness.

If you would like to submit a recovery story of your own, please send it to me.

Types of Recovery:

Spontaneous recovery
Using conventional medicine
Using alternative or complementery medicine
Healed by faith or other spiritual means

Are you looking for a book club? I also run an online reading group for people with CFS and anyone else who would like to join us! You can learn all about it by visiting the BookChat website.

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