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Bippy's Main Collage Page


My Sweet Bippy

Creating collages is a bit of a hobby for me, and so I thought I would create a page to display them!

The Great Gaggle of Gorgeous Guys!

And Here's More Totally Sigh-Worthy Actors And Assorted Hotties!

Richard E. Grant Chow Yun-Fat Ewan McGregor

Robert Addie James Marsters Adrian Edmondson

The Men of Sherwood Vincent Ventresca Hockey Hotties!

Russell Crowe Heath Ledger Dougray Scott

Sir Guy Robin Gibb

Do I have a thing for Blonds or what?

The Sublime Julian Sands!


Click Below for more PREY Collages!

Adam Storke as Tom Daniels

Click below to see oodles of Adam Storke Collages, plus an article on The Stand with quotes from Adam!

I do more picture doctoring than the Enquirer!

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Huge thanks to Diane S and Sabine and all those other PREY screen capturers out there, without whom I would be Collage-less! THANKS!!!

Also, huge thanks go to Gary Rhodes and jdvaldez for allowing me to use their pictures for my 'Men of Sherwood' Collage. Thanks!!!

And of course, THANKS to Lydia, Kit, Kirsty, Claire and Cora for the great Sir Guy shots!!

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"There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'."
Dave Barry