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Who needs money?

We live in a world in which everything revolves around the all mighty dollar and for some of us that is a hard existence. If you are anything like me, you value friendship and love far more than you value your brand new Nike shoes or your Honda Accord. However some people value things so much that they can miss the magic of life. As children we understood the importance of trading - I'll give you my chocolate chip cookie for your Twinkie. Then at some point we are conditioned to believe that this is not good enough. There must be cash in hand to get what you want.

I lived this myth for some time, losing countless hours of sleep over pieces of paper and silver. Then at some point I reconditioned myself to trust that all that I need will come.

I've often bartered my readings - it's a wonderful way to get something that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Some of my favorite trades include our fancy futon (not the cheap kind!), professional photography, housecleaning, our midwives' service at out daughter's birth and SOMA body work.

I am selective in what I will barter for, as I also have a list of my Un-favorite trades! The following is a list of things I need or desire and would love to trade services for, however, if you have something ( or some service) to provide that you think I might be interested in please call 541.337.1192 or email me at

  • Plants / Starts
  • Compost bin
  • Professional Feng Shui consultation
  • Burly tool box
  • Good books - astrology, most metaphysical subjects, some novels, no sci- fi, mysteries or romance
  • Women's mountain bike
  • Massage
  • Haircuts for myself and my family
  • I could use a reading once in while, too!
  • I generally charge $35 an hour (most readings last up to two hours) and ask that trades be of comparable value. If you have something that's worth a bit more than $70, I am happy to provide readings for friends or family as a gift from you or there are always transit readings that can be done every few months. I look forward to hearing from you.

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