This page is dedicated to my good friend, Christian (a.k.a Chris). Chris is an exchange student from Sweden who was staying with a friend of mine who is in the same 4-H club as me. Chris also joined 4-H, which is how I came to meet him. He is a really good rider now, after all the lessons he got over the year. But sadly, a year passed much too quickly, and he had to go back to Sweden on July 5, 2000.

But before he left, I asked him to be my grad escort (on April 1st, to be exact). I'm glad I did because before that, we really didn't talk all that much, but after I asked him, we started becoming good friends. I still keep in touch with him over email and keep nagging him to come back to Canada soon!

On this page there are a few pictures of Chris and me at 4-H and at his going away pary.

Click here to see pictures of us at Grad.

At our 4-H Achievement Day, a water fight broke out! These are of Chris and John (the person whose house Chris is staying at) stuggling to hold me while someone throws a bucket of water on me! Don't worry, I got them back!

The first is of the cake my family made for Chris for his going away party. It's a picture of him riding the horse he used throughout the year in a show. The second is of Chris getting dunked into a trough full of frozen water at his party. And it was cold, since there were buckets full of ice in there!