Me & My Horses

As you know, my name is Shannon. I am 22 years old, live in Western Saskatchewan, and love horses! I love reading (about horses!), computers, and of course, riding! I collect horse books of all kinds. My fav series are 'The Black Stallion', 'Thoroughbred', and 'Heartland'. I have every single book in those 3 series so far. In October 2003, I graduated from an Office Education course that I was taking through the local college, so that I could be near my horses. I did my 3-week work experience at a Trailer Sales business, and I got offered a job there! Finally, a real job - Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. It's pretty sweet having every single weekend off! I also luv pop music. Some favorites are Shakira, Evanescense, Mary J. Blige, No Doubt, Avril Lavigne, Swollen Members, Pink, and Eminem! Me and my friends love to go to the bar on Friday and Saturday nights to dance! It's awesome! Anyhoo, enough about me already; now I'll tell you a bit about my horses.

First, there is my pride and joy, Darq Ali's Ace (a.k.a Ace). He's an 18-year-old, 15.2 HH Arabian gelding with four white socks, a snip and a very small star (a few hairs to be exact!). He's just gorgeous! But too smart for his own good! He can figure out ways to get out of gates and stalls, so everything has to be latched up tightly. I've put some of his intelligence to good use, though. I have taught him a few tricks, including "come", "shake-a-paw" and "paw". I used to show him every summer in shows across the province. We would usually enter Halter, Showmanship, English Pleasure, English Equitation, Road Hack, Show Hack (this is his best class 'cause it has extentions and collections, which he's good at WHEN he puts his mind to it!), sometimes low hunter, Western Pleasure, Western Equitaion, and trail (he doesn't do all that good in trail since he's so darned spooky!). If you want to learn more about my boy you can read the full version of Ace's story here.

PW Sultana (a.k.a Salty) is a 9-year-old, 15.1 HH chestnut Arabian Saddlebred mare. She used to be my sister, Erin's, horse. My parents bought Salty for Erin from our riding instructor when she was a green-broke 3-year-old. My sister had only even ridden her quiet 24 year old Arabian gelding, so it was quite a change for her. After two years, Erin gave up on Salty and got out of riding. So I got stuck with her. I had been thinking of getting another horse sometime in the future to show instead of Ace. Ace enjoys trail rides and goofing around much more than working in the arena. I thought I would take his feelings to heart and let him just be my friend and trail ride horse. At the time, Salty wouldn't have been my first choice, but I thought that I might as well try her out. It took me a year and a half of riding and handling her to get attached to her. Now I would never dream of selling her! She's really matured, so now she's awesome to ride!

Last, but not least, there is Polo Parker (a.k.a. Parker). I sold him in July 2003, but I still love him, and think he should be mentioned! He's an 11-year-old, 16.3 HH bay Thoroughbred gelding. I bought him in December of 2001 from the stable where I had been working. He'd been off the track for two years and was doing very well in his training. He didn't even act like a racehorse when I was riding him. He was usually fairly quiet and willing to learn, and rarely ever spooked. The stable where I bought him from, weren't really treating him right, so I decided to use my savings to 'save' him. I had been planning on turning him into my Dressage horse, though I realized that I just didn't have the time to devote to him. He's way to talented to be a pasture ornament, so I sold him to a very nice lady that lives only 2 hours away. I can visit whenever I want and she also sends me updates on him by email!