Picture gallery Portia de Rossi, the beautiful blonde actress (Portia de Rossi) playing Nelle Porter on Fox television show, Ally McBeal with Calista Flockhart. Portia de Rossi nick name is Sub Zero. Portia de Rossi Photos, Description, and worship of Portia de Rossi Website, You recognize her as Nelle Porter on Foxes Ally McBeal. Portia de Rossi Why I love my favorite celeb. I love Portia de Rossi in Ally McBeal. Pics, biography, acting credits, media, downloads all on the gorgeous Portia de Rossi aka Nelle Porter from Ally McBeal. And that Portia de Rossi is by far the most beautiful woman on Fox tv show. Photos with thumbnails of Portia de Rossi photos (aka Nelle Porter or Sub Zero from Ally McBeal).
Sweet, Portia de Rossi
BUZZ Babe, Portia de Rossi Picture Gallery Bonanza 2001

Portia de Rossi Photos, Ally McBeal Pictures

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