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~* Wish List *~

Soul Sister Creation & Design is looking for any old sewing machines. If you happen to have one that is not being used, or perhaps you know of one just collecting dust, then please let us know. Also looking for craft supplies. We're starting up a childrens sewing/craft circle and we only have 4 machines at this time. If you can help then mail me!


Our children are the eyes to our future

Teach them well my friends, teach them well !

Give Thanks And Praises

Much Love and Thanks go out to my mom Amelia for this great gift of a new computer.

I told you it was much needed mama!

Much Love and Thanks go out to three kind friends of Moonlit Gatherings, Andrea, Eric, and James from XTRA TICKET in Tempe, Arizona for helping us get this site up. I learned from the best :)

Last but not least at all, Much Love and Respect go out to my 4 children and my amazing husband Andy for putting up with these late nights online, for being my spell check, for loving me, and believing. Without love in a dream, it will never come true. Much thanks for the early Mothers Day gift...

Shine On, you guys are the best, don't know what I would do without such a great phamily!