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Rainbow Family ~ Stay In Touch With New Website At as has closed it's doors for awhile ~ Please pass on our new addy ~ give respect

Are You Looking For A Safe House? Rainbow Family, Kind Travelers

<>Welcome home, I recently found my self in Lubbock Tx. and i have not been able to go to any gatherings lately or talk to any family and i reeeeaaaally miss everybody. I've been looking for a place to list my house as a travelers pit stop where they can rest up shower,eat,mend thier clothes, or just call the folks back home to let them know they are still alive. I would like to let my people know that there is a haven in nowhere Texas. My e-mail is my address is 2319 25th Street Lubbock,Tx 79411 My name is Jason, I'll be looking for ya. A piece of the northwest tribe in texas.