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~* Arizona Phamily Vibes Out *~

I went over to the Sail Inn after the Kiwanis Park Big Love festival on November 23 and I walked around daydreaming. I moved away many years ago and came back to AZ just last year. I remember the days when the Sail had just sand out back with horse shoes. I remember school buses lining Farmer street next to the Sail Inn as if the buses kept guard over us. My bus was dark green with a wooden door. My closest friends had a white bus called the Gus Bus. We'd "bus hop" and go into the bar and dance dance dance. I remember my old friends and I playing pool and I remember a disco ball.. I remember finding the bar one day as I was riding bikes downtown Tempe with my best friend Joey. There was Grateful Dead playing... it was a band called The Noodles! Joey and I were stoked to find this place and that band! I'd say there were possibly 6 people listening to the band the night we first caught the gig. Since Joey and I ran a local hot-line (voicemail system) at the time that updated phamily what was happening and where it was happening at... I announced that we just found this hidden treasure and a new Grateful Dead band was in town. At the time we only had Xtra Ticket former members of No Hobo band... but the band was going through it's ups and downs at the time so finding the Noodles was a great treat. We had many replies after announcing the Sail Inn through this hot-line. The following week we packed the place for the Noodles! From then on it was where we would all meet knowing that there were kind hugs and irie vibes surrounding the small club. New reggae bands started to form and drum gatherings were held. Soon enough you could hear kind jams everyday of the week! My memories of the Sail Inn are of great amazing irie times as we danced beside all of our brothers and sisters. New bands were forming and introduced on the Sail stage. One of the "jam bands" that played at the Sail was some dear friends of mine in a band called Heads In The Grass. There wasn't a band like them in town. I honestly believe they were the very first "jam band" in the valley. The Sail Inn daze... ahhh good timez! This bar that sits at the end of Farmer in downtown Tempe... This bar that's on the "other side of the tracks" behind the train station... This bar holds some dear dear memories to me. Our Sail Inn Phamily was strong and we got through hard times together. We greeted life and we cried and held each other in death. We bid fare thee well to the old doorman and we bid fare thee well to my best friend Joey Ellison... at the Sail Inn. RIP brothers. Gone but never forgotten. I sat outside the Sail Inn and just daydreamed of what things use to be and wishing I could hug that doorman just one more time... just one more time I wanted to tell him I loved and respected him. I wished my best friend Joey would just come up behind me, take my hand leading me to the dancefloor. Before the tears could fall I stood up tall and brushed myself off... there's nothing I can do about the past and I can't bring back my closest and dearest friends that have gone to heaven. It's time for new beginnings. The rumors of this bar reopening is indeed TRUE! It's confirmed and in the cleaning stages as you read this. I'm happy to announce the reopening of the Sail Inn, as Gina Lombardi bought back the bar! Thank YOU Gina! The Sail Inn is back my friends but it's in some sad shape outdoors... Gina needs our help... so read this email I have attached from Gina and lets see what resources we can all pull together so we can walk through those doors again sooner then later!!!! THANK YOU GINA!!!! Show Gina your respect!!!! Show your respect to the Sail Inn! IT'S BACK YOE! >>>>>>We are thinking about having a "Keg and Clean-Up Party" Maybe Sat Dec. 13th. We have so many great Friends that have offered to Lend a hand. The Place is in Sad Shape Outside Mostly, Needs Paint in some areas, and alot of Yardwork... We already removed 6 dead trees, that they never watered in ten months!!! Lots of weeds and the parking lots need sweeping as well.. Inside we have already scrubbed both bathrooms. And my partner is building the stage. The plan is to first do all the necessary yard clearing, Second - Paint the Stucco walls that have rust stains. Third Paint the Iron fence material. If I had all the materials and 15 or so helpers this could possibly be done in a day.....

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