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Hello- This site was deleted by the people of Angelfire, who still haven't respond to my letter asking them why they did this. This site will be back in full by Feb 14th 2001.

Obviously this hasn't happened yet. Things have just been busy in my life. I will leave this site up for the next couple months, if I get any emails saying they want to see current statistics like I used to have I will start up this website again, otherwise I'm just gonna shut it down. So let the people decide. (3-18-01)

I'm starting to get things back up and running...
Here's what I have so far:
Single Match Statistics
Six Man Match Statistics
Eight Man Match Statistics

I'm going to keep updating here, It's so nice of angelfire to screw me over.
BTW Angelfire is doing things a little better now. (3-18-01)